Choosing the perfect color for your retro wedding dress. Part II

by Karen

The color of the dress may “hide” a bride’s personality, and, conversely, it may reveal the bride’s personality. Any color can be associated with either belief. Previously we shared different classic ideas on choosing the traditional color of your wedding gown. Now it’s time to cover the offbeat and bizarre approaches to weddings.

The colors for photo shoots

If you care mostly about the wedding photo shoots and you want to hand your future kids the ornate wedding albums you cannot do without a prefect color wedding gown. If you care about your retro photo shoots and ordered sepia or “black-and-white” shots, you better dress yourself in a red wedding gown. It is tried and tested to look supreme!

The psychological factor. Choose yours

A pink dress will bring you into the center of the party. It is ideal for juvenile brides. The pink, violet and lavender dresses are usually the choice of a romantic person with a great imagination.
Pink ballerina dress by Nataya

(The pink ballerina dress by Nataya)

Yellow or lime dresses will emphasize the warmth of the season while in winter it will be like a ray of light. The yellow describes the bride as a kind person. The same thing can be said about an orange wedding dress.
Informal Nataya dress in Lime

(informal Nataya dress in Lime)

A blue dress will attract your guests with aesthetics. It was proven that blue inspires spirituality among the guests at your party. Wearing blue a bride can claim that “patience is above everything”.
Second wedding dress in Periwinkle

(the second wedding dress in Periwinkle)

Green is the color for an offbeat bride. It is both harmony and extravagance. Usually gals with low self-appraisal don’t prefer this color and oftentimes a gal looks younger if she wears a green wedding dress.
Green vintage wedding gown by Nataya

(The green vintage wedding gown by Nataya)

A red wedding dress will catch everyone’s attention. Red is the choice of self-reliant and self-centered ladies. They say that red dresses give prosperity and wealth.
Nataya tulle wedding gown in Red

(Nataya tulle wedding gown in Red)

If you are in need of protection, choose a wedding dress in grey. Psychologists claim that grey serves as psychological protection.
Victorian inspired vintage wedding set in Grey

(The Victorian inspired vintage wedding set in Grey)

The violet dress expresses some mystery and it is believed that any dream in this marriage will come true. The gal in a violet dress will look truly noble. Yet some psychologists claim if a bride choses a violet wedding dress she may be a very infantile and fragile person.
Vintage style wedding set in Violet

(the vintage style wedding set in Violet)

The brides in beige, ivory or champagne dresses will be treated as kind, tender, calm and trustable ladies.
Vintage style wedding dress in Beige

(the vintage style wedding dress in Beige)

Colors for the horoscope fans

The horoscope tellers advise, based on earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo), to wear dresses in golden, crème or sand colors. The Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio may wear milky, light green and silver dresses. Sagittarius, Lion and Ram should give their preference to light apricot or light pink dresses. Aquarius, Libra or Gemini signs should prefer dresses in beige, crème or apricot colors.

Overall recommendations

If you insist on wearing a colorful dress, choose the dress up to the scene that surrounds you. You will look splendid in a snow-white dress with blueish elements or a dress decorated with either sequins or with beads to imitate frozen patterns. When nature awakens, tender-peach, tender-blue or tender green will be up to the surrounding landscape. Milky, beige or crème colors will go splendid in the summer time. The beach dress will look wonderful if it has either blue-ish or the actual blue elements. The set will be associated with a cool breeze and light breakers. The wedding dresses tailored using a combination of different fabrics in the same color will always look great. Some ladies are advised to wear gold, lime or beige colors for their second marriage.

Offbeat recommendations

There is the theory created by some offbeat stylists that claims a bride should choose the color according to the season when she was born. Snow white, pale pink, silver-gray and silver white are recommended for the brides born in the winter months. Extra pure white, apricot and golden grey are recommended for the brides born in spring. Milky-white, light pistachio and light pink colors are recommended for the summer brides. Ivory, Crème or apricot colors are recommended for brides born in the fall. Whatever experts say, please, drive your own inspiration from this piece of advice: regardless whether it’s a season color type or a horoscope. Follow your dream and never let anyone break it!

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Choosing the perfect color for your retro wedding dress. Part I

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