Best vintage inspired ideas for weddings: Mardi Gras Vintage Weddings

by Karen

We continue our narration about offbeat wedding themes. Some couples plan really unconventional themes for their weddings, thus, they do not want their wedding theme to correlate with that of others. That said, sometimes it is a terrible nightmare to find a truly whimsical idea for the wedding! We’ve posted a great many ideas for weddings both offbeat and romantic to aid in your quest for the perfect wedding and here comes another one: the “Mardi Gras” style wedding. The first associations that come to one’s mind when hearing “Mardi Gras” are Louisiana and the carnival of New Orleans. Once ruled by a French King, Louisiana food and its carnivals were influenced by this King’s reign. Add to this crazy mixture the smooth sounds of New Orleans Jazz and you will have a true “Mardi Gras”. The central idea among other “Mardi Gras” inspired weddings is definitely the colors. Using traditional colors you will create the basis for the rest. Violet, green and golden colors are now a Carnival tradition. Make the most of these colors by applying deeper and stronger colors for winter and fall weddings, and vice versa for the warm season weddings, applying shades of the main colors i.e. lavender instead of purple or violet. Here is one special trick that works no matter the season. Use all three colors, but only one of them as a base, applying the other two as accents. Here’s an example: Use violet for your wedding outfit and use green only for the flowers bunches and bridesmaids’ sets. Inversely, use green for your wedding attire and purple for the flower bunches and bridesmaids’ gowns. Do not forget to vary the length of your dresses either. Thus, if you wear a long dress then the bridesmaids’ dresses must be knee-length. And conversely, you can dawn the mid-length wedding dress while the bridesmaid gals should be dressed in long length dresses. Food at your Mardi Gras vintage party must be Creole, Cajun and if you’re short on typical Cajun ideas, do as search on Google for Louisiana Cuisine, because the specialties are indeed unique and unconventional. The buffet as a wedding reception is a great idea! Nonetheless, do not leave the wedding chairs behind. A great idea organize the wedding party seating is to assign signatures like “The Queen” and “The King” to the backs of your seats. Turn your wedding cake into a traditional King cake. You may also use the violet-golden-green palette for the icing but the best idea is to bake a plastic baby-doll inside. The guest to have this doll in their slice will have to make a very special treat for the bride and the groom the following week…or when the couple returns from their honey moon! Mardi Gras is full of lights, lanterns, beaded garlands, most of which you can do yourself. Also you can buy chocolate coins as your table favors and serve each table with these low-cost but perfect sweets. Before we start with our wedding dress ideas let’s detect the preferable color and styles. Because Jazz is the main sound for your wedding (needless to explain), the length of your dress is obvious. Some brides insist on wearing purple or green colors for their wedding attire. Others however, prefer dawning less tradition colors (for Mardi Gras standards at least) such as white or ivory while asking their maids of honor to wear the traditional “Mardi Gras” influenced palette sets. An awesome idea for your outfit will be a retro “jazz” umbrella. If you do not have one or do not want to waste money on ebay-like sites, use an old umbrella as a carcass and crotchet to make the umbrella truly retro. Look at old New Orleans photos and you will find many ideas. And many crotchet and knitting magazines have great ideas on doing this in no time. We have no doubt that this accessory will be seen on most of your wedding shots and become your beloved wardrobe accessory. And, you absolutely cannot do without a feather mask as an accessory. You may use a traditional color for your makeup, but if you still want to have pastel shades on your face, you may diversify your “Mardi Gras” inspired look with feather masks! The Rosette Skirt by Nataya will go with the basic violet Mardi Gras Line. But using truly green or gold shoes you will make your outfit truly a Carnival. 

ballerina skirts by nataya

If you plan your Mardi Gras Retro wedding in Winter, do not forget to purchase your perfect winter wear such as The Opera Coat in Violet.

Vintage Opera Coat in Violet

 The Chiffon Artisan Dress itself is a ready-to-wear perfect set for Mardi Gras vintage weddings.

Vintage Chiffon Artisan Dress

 And another ready-to-wear idea is the Boho Vintage Dress by Nataya. You won’t even need to spend more money for accessories!

Boho Vintage Dress in red

 For the gals who insist on being non-traditional the Vintage Wedding Gown in Ivory is a possible decision. And the crotchet retro umbrella will go great with this non-traditional Mardi Grass outfit.

Vintage Wedding Gown in ivory

 If you are a great fan of the jazz length, the Second Wedding Dress by Nataya is right to help you!

Second Wedding Dress by nataya

 Surely, Mardi Gras takes place in spring, but if you cannot wait then Baroque Style Vintage Dress by Nataya will make you into the winter queen of your wedding carnival.

Baroque Style Vintage Dress by Nataya for wedding

 If you chose the green color as a basis the Retro Dress in Green, will be at your service!

vintage style wedding dress in green

Another green-colored idea to go with purple knee-high boots is the Nataya Green Airy Retro Dress. You can use green lace to make a perfect retro New Orleans inspired umbrella. And it will be the greatest look ever after!

Vintage wedding nataya Green Airy Retro Dress

 A Happy Mardi Gras Inspired Wedding to you!

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