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French Net Bridal Birdcage Visor Veil with Swarovski Crystals
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French Netting Birdcage Face Veil
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French Netting Birdcage Visor Bandeau Veil
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The Perfect Veil for Your Big Day

The perfect veil brings your whole outfit together. It is a major part of your wedding. Thus, our exquisite collection of vintage bridal veils is perfect for your big day. Our designs take inspiration from the glorious era of the 1940s and 1950s. They're the perfect accessory that complements the beading and embroidery of your gown.

Choosing the right veil isn't as simple. Every type of veil enhances your style and depends on you carry the veil. A small-length veil feels more traditional and sophisticated. It's the best option for an intimate, low-key wedding.

Vintage Inspired Veils

1950s wedding veils had an aura of their own. The design is unique and complements any wedding dress you wear. The lengths, widths, embellishments, and styles depend on what you want. Especially when you have so many other things to take care of, choosing the right veil can seem a bit overwhelming.

Complement Your Wedding Dress

When choosing a veil, the best starting point is your wedding dress. Our collection of fabulous French birdcage veils makes an alluring statement. They're a tremendous blend of the old charm veils fused with a modern touch.

As a rule of thumb, your wedding veil is only there to accentuate your wedding dress. It should be proportional, which is what our stunning vintage bridal veils exhibit.

If your wedding dress has a lot of details and intricate work, a simple and clean vintage wedding veil should do the job.

Veils come in all sizes. A long veil will complement your look if you have a slim, fitted wedding dress. Our beautiful options include birdcage veils or fingertip veils for brides looking for a clean look.

Veils from the Past

1940s wedding veils had a class of their own. Our simplistic veil resonates with many brides out there. Thus, wedding dresses and veils inspired by the 1940s are very classical. The dresses made during this era fall into categories: pre-war and post-war. Pre-war dresses called for stylish dresses in contrast to the modest wedding gowns after the war.

Brides from the 1940s ended up wearing simple and modest designs. We capture the same simplicity from this era in our veils and gowns. Add a beautiful vintage wedding veil to complete your beautiful look. Our exquisite collection of wedding veils is intricate and adds a unique look to any wedding you attend.