About us

Our shop was created for you, with you in mind! You are an individual, you're creative, elegant and you love to stand apart from the crowd! We are here to help you realize your free-thinking nature by assisting you in finding your own unique style. We have spent countless hours searching for the most elegant and beautiful era pieces in existence today. What you will find in our shop is a labor of love and a passionate pursuit to compile the most authentic recreations of dresses from the 1920's, 30's and 40's

Every dress created in the 1920's, 30's and 40's is unique because there was no mass production then. They were custom-made and embody the prevailing attitudes of the charmed elite from the eras. The distinction between past and nowadays is erased, and here, at this shop the real woman is on stage exposing herself as someone who does not hesitate to experiment.

Initially, vintage style fashion was a protest against the command of fashion designers. Creative people with a sense of style didn't want to look like everyone around. Thus, vintage fashion was born. You make the effort to compile your vintage garb and you do it with vision and most importantly, you do it by yourself. Modern clothes, on the other hand choose you with the style imposed on you by the society around you. Vintage fashion favorably marks out the person from the crowd and emphasizes your good taste and aristocratic style.

Our shop's assortment excels in offerings of various interesting styles, cuts and textures, as the founder of the store has vast experience in the fashion industry.

The first time you visit our store, don't be afraid to lose yourself in our vast selection. Here any visitor can find something special and unique to reflect their own personality.

If you don't have the honed skills of a stylist and need some help, you can rely on our consultants, who will take the role of your personal image consultant with great pleasure.

Note: Vintage style clothing uses motifs from the past, incorporating all that was fashionable once, in and around Charleston and black and white movies, admired by lovers the world over. With that in mind, styles in those eras have a shabby and even slightly sloppy look. It is not so easy to find authentic vintage wear. Many have turned to famous designers who created entire collections dedicated to the old years. Using proprietary technology they made the fabric moderately old, the texture a bit shabby, and the pattern faded. The fashion houses of Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier accepted the trend of vintage style clothing. After them, the trend was picked up by other designers.