Best vintage inspired ideas for weddings: Old Hollywood Wedding

by Karen

Oftentimes, old Hollywood Wedding themes are referred to as black-and-white weddings. Couples remembering Old Hollywood inspiration, try to arrange everything in black-and-white: starting from floral decorations and finishing with the guests’ attires. Feeling inspired and confident our ideas are some of the best in the world, we too decided to share our best ideas for Old Hollywood Wedding themes. This will give you some unique and fresh ideas on organizing the wedding of your dreams! Old Hollywood Weddings were inspired by Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and Carole Lombard weddings. And of course, celebrities used different styles and fashions for their bridal attire. Some of these styles may be associated with mermaids or fish tailed dresses because in the 60s, celebrities were getting married over and over again, many in mermaid dresses and the magazines kept on publishing them in their mermaid dresses over and over again. But other Old Hollywood Divas like Katherine Hepburn and even Marilyn Monroe broke this stereotype. They preferred fitted silhouette dresses both for the screenplay and real life. So you really have a wide range of ideas for Old Hollywood Style Wedding attire. The style should embody both the modesty and luxury of the Hollywood wedding style. Satin and silk will always win the Hollywood battle against lace. And all these ideas will make you a real genuine Hollywood star on the Red Carpet. As for Red Carpet Ideas, most couples organizing their Old Hollywood wedding try to order at least half of their wedding photos either in black-and-white or in sepia. But it would be great for your photo artist to make the carpet red while the rest (including you) re in black-and-white or sepia. This would be a true Old Hollywood styled shot! The Groom is supposed to wear white or black attire in honor of the classic style of Fred Astaire or Clark Gable. Also the frocks or sets must be one-button. This always represents the old Hollywood style for men. And don’t forget about your guests. Their attire may not be up to your beloved theme. The best way to turn their attire into Old Hollywood inspired is to rent or buy as many old Hollywood inspired hats as possible. Wearing Old Hollywood hats will make everyone have a lot of fun yet still look glamorous. The most suitable colors for your affair are silver, black, pure red and white or beige-crème (if you plan sepia photo shots). Old Hollywood Classic is closely connected to classic floral decor: use white, crème or red roses for bridal flowers. Alternative floral ideas are irises, peonies or lilies. But these flowers should be used mostly for bunches of flowers. As to floral decor of the wedding reception, avoid using lilies as they always smell sharp. Better try to order flowers with fake jewels as this will make the floral décor look retro and luxurious or elegant. How do you feel about the idea a crème brûlée cake instead of the usual baked cake? The old Hollywood classics are known for their delicious desserts and retro restaurants. Use a retro movie theatre, rent an old Hollywood settings or an old theater stage to stylize your affair and complete the wedding theme. The best music for your Old Hollywood Style Wedding will always be Fred Astaire’s anthems and jazz tunes. You can also pick up something from Clark Gable’s repertoire. And watch your wedding come to life with a sound that is truly unique! Rent a Rolls Royce or a retro limousine as your wedding vehicle. But remember: your wedding must look Old Hollywood and not gangster. So try to choose the right model and use a digital camera with sepia effect. If you snap a shot of your future vehicle with sepia effect and it still looks gangster, try choosing another vehicle. The last idea is for your tables. If you name your tables after Old Hollywood Stars, this will give your wedding a truly unique take on Old Hollywood Glamour. Or you can invent “the nominations” for your guests and award them with fake Oscar statues. Vintage Empire dress despite its name looks like many Old Hollywood inspired wedding dresses. It will smooth any silhouette and make you look taller. This trick was often used among Old Hollywood Divas.

Vintage Empire wedding dress in white

 If you want something of a reminding of Katharine Hepburn’s Movies, the puffy sleeve Neo Classic dress will go with the chosen role.

Neo Classic wedding dress in white

The Porcelain Doll Wedding dress from the Wedding Extra Fashion Collection reminds us of both Audrey Hepburn’s and Liz Taylor’s wedding dresses. Nonetheless, this dress used some elements similar to those found on dresses during the Great French Revolution.

Audrey Hepburn’s and Liz Taylor’s wedding dresses

River Fairy and Bohemian Layers remind us most of the dresses of the 30’s Hollywood Style.

Vintage 30’s Hollywood Style wedding dress

 If you plan sepia photo shots instead of black and white, remember the Pink Ballerina Nataya Dress. The beige and pink dresses will always come out great in sepia photo-art. ballerina gown for alternative brides

We wish you and your guests to win the Oscars and we wish you to be the leading actress on Your Day!

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