How to choose color and fabric for your vintage wedding dress.

by Karen

Color is very important for the wedding gown. The days when white was the only color for brides have gone away. Yes, white is always accepted and young brides look perfect in color of purity and innocence. But there are other options for brides willing to wear informal romantic dress. Splendid shades of beige, romantic ivory, champagne, cocoa and milk, condensed milk, sweet peach, etc. These shades accentuate nicely the gentle tan of the bride’s skin.
Romantic renaissance style wedding and special occasion princess fairy gown 40006 by nataya Vintage inspired informal wedding feminine juliet shiffon tea length dress al-10709 by nataya
Tender pale gold, bright passion red (scarlet, coral) and sky blue colors are acceptable for vintage style wedding dresses inspired with glamour era of 1920-1930th by Nataya.
Victorian style inspired unique fantasy wedding romantic gown 40014 by nataya Vintage retro style 1920 1930 glamour era informal wedding dress 40005 by nataya
Brunette brides and bridesmaids look wonderful in snow-white lace dresses, as well as in embroidered pink and Victorian silver gowns.
Victorian inspired informal wedding bridal 1940 style tea length original dress al-9005 by nataya Beautiful casual renaissance tea length bridal fantasy glamour dress 40009 by nataya
Blondes are perfect in feminine blue, romantic gray or apricot. And as part of our bestseller collection, informal lavender lace dress by Nataya fits the bill.
Alternative bridal fairy antique unique embroidered sexy dress 40014 nataya Casual romantic vintage 1920 retro style alternative wedding gown 40019 by nataya
Brides with brown hair are recommended ivory, white, green, tender lavender and pink colors.
Retro 1940 inspired vintage romantic informal wedding shiffon dress al-7803 by nataya Victorian princess fairy tale sexy wedding 1930 retro style dress al-7803 by nataya
The red-haired brides look magnificent in all shades of cream, ivory and very light taupe. Choose the one that doesn’t merge with the color of your skin and fits the color of groom's attire.

Romantic vintage inspired 1940 styleinformal wedding glamour lace dress al-1601 by nataya

A few words about fabrics, brides are creations of heaven and therefore must choose airy flowing fabrics. Heavy silks and velvets are not recommended. Dresses of these heavy fabrics limit the bride in her movements. Therefore choose chiffon, taffeta, lightweight silk, satin and organza. The sun plays nicely play with these fabrics, and you will literally look irresistible. Clothing with embroidery also is very popular. Patterns are usually floral and unobtrusive, giving the wedding gown a truly special touch of chic.

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