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Vintage Style Lace Wrist Gloves in White
$24.00 USD
Jacqueline 1940s Hair Comb in Gold
$34.00 USD
20s Party Net Fascinator in Gold
$48.00 USD
Vintage Style Lace Wrist Gloves in Black
$24.00 USD
Channel Hand Embellished Fringe Bucket Bag in Cream
$120.00 USD
Lace Wrist Wedding Gloves in White
$15.00 USD
Round Faceted Bib Necklace
$45.00 USD
20s Party Net Fascinator In Grey
$48.00 USD
Beatrice Hand Embellished Fringe Bucket Bag in Black
$110.00 USD
Semi Transparent Baguette Shape Stone Stretch Bracelet
$38.00 USD
Green Stone And Crystal Toggle Bracelet
$48.00 USD
Lace Pearl and Embroidery Wedding Gloves in White
$29.00 USD
Roaring Twenties Pearl Necklace
$28.00 USD
Ornate Filigree & Crystal Wide Stretch Bracelet
$40.00 USD
Butler Lace Short Gloves in White
$15.00 USD
Siam Red Oval Drop Earrings
$26.00 USD
Ghost Rider Western Leather Top Hat in White
$197.00 USD
Multi Crystal Crystal Teardrop Y-Necklace
$55.00 USD
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1920s Veil Fascinator in Ivory
$48.00 USD
Red Rectangle Stone Stretch Bracelet
$38.00 USD
Channel Hand Embellished Fringe Bucket Bag in Gold
$120.00 USD
Oval Cat's Eye Crystal Accent Drop Earrings
$24.00 USD
Butler Lace Short Gloves in Black
$15.00 USD
Oceano 6mm Ivory Faux Pearl 3-Row Stretch Bracelet
$38.00 USD
Channel Hand Embellished Fringe Bucket Bag in Red
$120.00 USD
20s Party Net Fascinator In Ivory
$48.00 USD
White 8mm Faux Pearl Stretch Bracelet
$18.00 USD
Alpine Felt Fedora Hat in Ivory
$75.00 USD

When you think of a socialite from the 1920s, you almost certainly picture a stunning woman with bobbed hair wearing a fringed and embroidered dress. But you can be sure that she will also be wearing a few necessary vintage accessories. That’s what we are all about. 

Expertly portraying the flawless detail of vintage accessories from the 1920s, our collection is a celebration of the fashion of that era. 

A Collection of Art Deco Hats and Accessories From the 1920s

Some of the items in our accessories 1920s collection are hats and headbands that will add some extra flair to your favorite retro-chic ensemble. We offer vintage headbands of all types. Some come with a peacock feather to make you feel like a queen, while others are gilded with beads and jewels. 

We also offer vintage caps and veils inspired by the roaring 1920s. 

Jewelry Inspired by the Vintage Fashion Accessories 1920s 

Our jewelry is straight out of a 1920s drama with sleek Art Deco geometric lines and elegant Edwardian styles. We offer antique earrings, breathtaking bracelets, beautiful necklaces made from precious pearls, and more. 

Our dressy face masks are also a dream come true. They won't only add to your glamor but will give you an extra layer of protection! But that’s not all! 

Beautiful Shawls and Gloves 

We also offer a collection of vintage fashion accessories and shawls that truly express your eccentric personality and take your attire to another level. Wear red lipstick and just put these on with your favorite gown, and you are good to go. And while you’re at it, don a pair of our lustrous lace and silk 1920s-inspired gloves for that made-up look. 

Our exquisite gloves are elegantly designed to create a bridal accessory ideal for anyone with a vintage wedding day aesthetic. They’re also an excellent background for our lovely purses. 

1920s Fashion Accessories: True Artistry in Your Hands

We offer numerous roomy clutches and spacious purses with enjoyable, retro-inspired designs in our 1920s fashion accessories. Our "pieces" are embellished with only the highest quality cloth and jewels, and each design is meticulously designed per the high standards of true artistry.  

We know that any well-dressed, vintage-loving woman needs a purse for every event. That's why we put together our astonishingly wide variety of vintage-inspired accessories in all different styles and for every type of event. 

So whether you need a birdcage veil for your wedding or a fringe shawl to pair up with your red lipstick, Wardrobe Shop has it all!