What Color to Choose for Your Second Marriage Wedding Dress

by Karen


Picking out your wedding dress is probably one of the most exciting things ever. Choosing a wedding dress for a second marriage is equally exciting, though some second-time brides are hesitant and unsure about how to choose their second marriage wedding dresses. Are there any rules to follow? Is a white dress appropriate for a second wedding? How about a second time around wedding dresses for older brides?

Relax! We have you covered with this ultimate guide for picking out perfect second wedding dresses, no matter the age or style of the bride. We begin by answering the most common question- what color to choose for your second marriage wedding dress! 

Your Second Marriage Wedding Dress Color Guide

The most important thing to remember while picking out the color of your second marriage wedding dress is that you don't have to follow tradition this time around. Having said that: 

White is Still Good!

Vintage second wedding dress in white

White is the traditional color for wedding dresses, symbolizing purity and innocence since Victorian times. But second marriages are not bound by tradition and there is loads of room to inject a bit of your own personality to the event. That said, please don’t pay heed to people who tell you white is not the answer to what to wear for your second wedding. It’s still your special day and you get to wear whatever makes you feel special!

You can also play around with the shades of your white dress to set it apart from your first wedding dress- pick from soft ivories to stark, snow whites. 

Unique in Black

Black for your second wedding

Love your little black dress? Does it make you feel sexy, confident and beautiful? Want your unique personality to shine out? Then by all means wear black for your second wedding. Black not only looks fabulous on almost everyone, but can also give that sophisticated, chic edge to your get-up. Black may not be appropriate for summer beach weddings, but pretty much works for everywhere else! 

Sophisticated in Gray

Black for your second wedding

If you are searching for second time around wedding gowns for older brides, then gray might be the sophisticated way to go. Look for something with embroidery and sequins for that effortless, timeless look for a second wedding. 

Staying Neutral

Second wedding dresses in pastel shades

Not feeling too adventurous? Opt for neutral, pastel shades to keep it simple and sweet. Soft pinks, oranges, blues, rose or champagne-colored dresses are not only elegant, but also complement daytime weddings perfectly.

Seasonal Inspirations

Seasonal inspirations colors for second wedding gowns

Using the seasons as a guide for your second wedding dress can be both unique and appropriate. For example, floral colors for spring, and brighter, tropical colors and prints for summer weddings. Dark blues and blacks would be perfectly paired for winter weddings, especially with glittery sequins and embroidery. 

Cultural Inspirations

Cultural inspirations for vintage second wedding dresses

The Chinese and Indians prefer reds and maroons for their weddings, while in some parts of Africa, purple is considered apt for an event as royal as a wedding. Dig into different cultures, especially if you have different cultural connections, for inspiration on a second marriage wedding dress which is both unique and will have a story to tell. 

The great thing about getting married for the second time is that you can leave tradition in the box and embrace creativity and uniqueness. The important thing to remember is that it's about what you feel good in. There are no hard and fast rules about what you should wear on your second marriage - it's about whatever suits your body, your mind and your heart. 

Dress Styles For Your Second Wedding

Different dress styles for your second wedding

Once you have picked the color you want to wear for your second wedding, the second most important fact to consider is the style of your outfit. This question is especially apt when deciding on wedding dresses for second marriages over fifty. For older brides, comfort, simplicity and elegance are more often the key attributes they look for in a wedding dress. Here are some classic dress styles, appropriate for weddings at all ages.

Full-Sleeve Maxi Gown

Full-sleeved maxi wedding gowns are all about not drifting too far from tradition. Incorporate lace designs for that timeless look. These gowns can be paired with simple jewels like pearls, tear-drop earrings or simple, delicate gold jewelry to complement the elegant look. 

V-Neck Tea-Length Dress

If you’re looking for a dress that highlights your figure and femininity in one go, opt for a v-neck tea-length dress. Choose one that’s vintage-inspired- they’re lighter-than-air and look unique!

Accessorize the dress with T-strap heels, a white veil fascinator, and vintage-style wrist gloves for that subtle elegance.

Knee-Length Sleeveless Dress

If you’d rather keep things casual and informal, opt for a simple second wedding dress. A knee-length sleeveless party dress with eye-catching lace accents offers a casual yet festive look.

Pair it with a feather fascinator and pearls for a sophisticated, casual-chic inspired look.

Edwardian Tea Party Gown

Edwardian-inspired tea length wedding dresses are perfect options for older brides. These gowns are meant to have a relaxed fit and the overall design incorporates the quaintness and charm of  the Edwardian era. They are also a great option for plus size brides. 

Accessorize with an outstanding hat full of flowers, with the brim pulled saucily sideways.

Vintage 1920’s Gown

A 1920’s inspired dress with cap sleeves and scoop neckline will not only have all eyes on you, but will make you feel both carefree and chic at the sametime. 1920’s fashion was all about embracing the casual chic and doing away with the prim and proper. 

Pair it with twenties-style flats, a feather fascinator, art deco jewelry and a cloche hat to complete this fabulous look. 

Floor-Length Sheath Dress

Second-time brides can wear evening gown-type floor-length dresses, instead of traditional gowns. A sheath dress without elaborate beading, delicate lace details, and other embellishments will help maintain simplicity and give the bride a wedding feel without making her look overdressed.

Pair the sheath dress with strappy heels and simple jewelry for that no-fuss, effortless bridal look. 

What To Consider When Shopping For Your Second Wedding Dress?

What To Consider When Shopping For Your Second Wedding Dress

Choosing what dress to wear for your second wedding is more about personal preference than it is about traditions. This time around, you don’t have to go through all the stress of choosing the dream dress, because you have a deeper understanding of what you want, as well as what you’d look good in.

However, the color and style for a second marriage wedding dress are often motivated by other factors. Here are some you should consider:


The mood, vibe, and atmosphere of the event will help determine how formal a wedding gown is needed. If it's a church wedding, steer away from wearing cocktail dresses.

Time and Location

The time and season as well as the wedding venue will dictate the bride’s outfit for her second wedding.

For example, a bride won’t be at her comfortable best by wearing a long, heavy sequined piece at a hot summer beach wedding. She should opt for something flowy and loose-fitted instead. It will keep the bride cool in the summer sun, yet have details that still scream “bride”. 

Bride’s Age

While dresses are made for everyone irrespective of their body shape, size, and age, some wedding dresses look better on younger brides than they do on mature ones.

But, don’t let that keep you from having some fun with different styles.

Older brides, too, have many options when it comes to showing off their personal style. A simple dress with clean lines and simple textures and patterns will do wonders for an elegant look, but older brides can also play around with beadwork, embroidery, and textured details for that elegantly understated second-time wedding dress. 

The Groom’s Attire

Consider what the groom is wearing and wear something that complements their attire. Why? Because the groom should be able to live that novel first-time wedding experience that can make you feel weak in the knees, too. 

The Perfect Second Marriage Dress Should Be:

Know what the perfect dress for the second marriage should look like

Here’s a summary of what the perfect second marriage dress should be:

  • Flattering to your body shape- A line and sheath dresses are the safest and most flattering silhouettes for older brides
  • Unless you really want it otherwise, keep the second wedding simple. Ditch the long trains and elaborate veils. If you still want to recreate the first-wedding vibe, you can always wear fascinators or face-framing veils and ornate hair pieces with your dress
  • Comfortable - You’ll be moving a lot in your wedding dress, so before you buy it, make sure you can move, dance, sit, stand, and breathe in it comfortably 

Final Thoughts

Choosing a wedding dress for your second wedding, especially as an older bride, can seem like a difficult task, but in reality, it's not much different than the first time round.

With the massive range of second-time bride dresses available, you can easily choose what you like and feel comfortable in, while avoiding the styles that are better suited for first-timers. You’ll just have to make some minor changes in the color and type of gown you want to wear. And you’ll be good to go.

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