Second Wedding Dresses

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Downton Abbey Tea Party Gown 40163 in Sunrise by Nataya
Downton Abbey Tea Party Gown in Sunrise by Nataya
from $275.00 USD
Irene Art Nouveau Style Dress in Blue by Nataya
from $315.00 USD
Parisienne Vintage Elegance Wedding Gown in Nude Mint
from $385.00 USD
Mary Darling Dress in Azure by Nataya
from $265.00 USD
10709 Great Gatsby Party Dress in Nude Mint by Nataya
Great Gatsby Party Dress in Nude Mint by Nataya
from $249.00 USD
Vintage Titanic Style Dress in Aqua by Nataya
from $319.00 USD
Dorothy 1920s Fringe Flapper Dress in Lilac
$240.00 USD
Arrianna Vintage Style Party Dress CL-169 in Azure by Nataya
Audrey Vintage Style Party Gown in Azure by Nataya
from $265.00 USD
Delillah Vintage Inspired Wedding Dress 40271 in Blue by Nataya
Delillah Vintage Inspired Wedding Dress in Blue by Nataya
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Zoey Vintage Style Party Dress in Indigo by Nataya
$192.00 USD
Jacqueline Vintage Style Party Dress in Turquoise by Nataya
$194.00 USD
Stella Vintage Style Party Dress in Turquoise by Nataya
$174.00 USD
Olivia 1920s Flapper Style Dress in Turquoise by Nataya
from $254.00 USD

Styling tips for second marriage 

If you are remarrying, you might find it daunting to dress hunt for a second time. Our second wedding dresses fit this situation perfectly and help brides like you choose the perfect dress for their big day. 

Choosing a dress that suits your personality is very important. Wearing evening gown-type dresses may seem the right fit for you. 

Our 2nd wedding dress tick every box for your requirement. They have just the right amount of embellishments without extensive beadwork. Thus, maintain a wedding feel without looking overdressed and look youthful. 

Even wearing colors other than white is totally fine for second-time brides. This means you can experiment with so many hues. Pinks, blues, tones of yellow, or any color that you find flattering for yourself. Our stunning collection has so many colors to choose from. 

Beautiful Silhouettes and Cuts 

A cut that sits on your body and compliments your shape is something you should look for. Our full-skirted wedding dresses for second marriage look extremely elegant for a second wedding. However, you can wear whatever shape you like and whatever you feel comfortable in. 

Comfort is also a big factor for dresses. You’ll be wearing that dress for hours. So, make sure that whatever you choose does not get in the way of your dancing, walking, or doing anything at your wedding. Despite the exquisite designs and beautiful embroideries, our dresses have the highest comfort level. 

They have the perfect length for 2nd wedding dresses, making them the perfect option for you to wear. 

Embellishments and Cuts 

You might want to go simple with our look as a second-time bride. Our formal gowns are the perfect answer to that. They have beautiful embellishments and cuts that make the dress a sight for sore eyes. 

Subtle embroidery and light embellishments with a bit of beading look very elegant. You can even add pleats or lacy patches. We ensure to bring beautiful, elegant designs that look breathtaking without looking too informal. 

Browse through every vintage second wedding dress in our collection and choose the one that suits you.