Wrapping Up 2014 and Preview of What's Coming in 2015

by Karen

Happy New Year! If you think 2014 was a fun year, wait until you see what is up for this new year. Let just say we are wrapping up 2014 pretty quickly and here is a preview of what's coming in 2015, I hope you are as excited as I am. I started writing for the WardrobeShop.com in September and have a sneaking suspicion this will be a lasting relationship. Thank you for joining in with me on this endeavor. Several series were started in 2014; Dress Like a Celebrity – we started with Kate Middleton but I have several more coming, Know Your Shape – we left off on Hourglass and I promise we will continue to work through all of the possible shapes of women, Customer Corner – Olivia and her new husband contributed a few photographs of their recent wedding, and How to Make Clothes Fit Better – we will finish up this series in a few weeks. In the new year we are going to continue these and add a few; Vintage Fashion Around the World – including interesting tidbits of the history of fashion trends that have come back in recent years, Current Events in Vintage Fashion – there are some fabulous 1920s events all over the US and Europe as well as a Downton Abbey showcase at the Biltmore, and Top Tens on everything imaginable. This is going to be a very productive year. Early in September there was a story entitled "Breathless," what did you think about that story? Would you like to see a few more stories? I have several written up to share with you from different eras. We talked about bringing back the Handwritten Letter. I think I really got writer's cramp for the first time in my life thanks to following that entry. I sent handwritten letters to my friends for the holidays. Many of the letters were quite long when I wrote them. But, it was quite cathartic and I enjoyed it profusely. How did your letters turn out? The readership and response to this blog has exploded in recent months, and I would like to thank all of you. And I am very thankful for all of your comments. Your participation is always appreciated and I read all of your comments. If you have photos of the dresses from our site at a special event, send them in. I would love to add you to our Customer Corner series. If there is a topic you would like covered, mention it in the comments and I will try to fit it into the schedule. Tell me about the events you are attending and wearing these beautiful dresses. But, all in all, thank you for making this blog an amazing part of your everyday. This year we are also going to try to start a podcast series. The podcast includes audio recordings of many of the blog entries and is a really exciting addition. Please let me know what you think of it. I look forward to writing this blog during the 2015 year. Hopefully you look forward to reading it. Welcome to the new year!

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