Why Choose A Vintage Style Prom Dress

by Karen

Prom is undoubtedly one of the most exciting events for most high school girls, especially for those of you who love dressing up. Spending years looking forward to it, the months before the actual evening are filled with anxious, excited thoughts and conversations about everything concerned, but especially the dress. In years to come, prom is always remembered in vivid, colorful memories of little incidents and the pictures your eyes captured. But especially the dresses! Since prom makes such a big impact, it's important that what you wear is a well thought out decision. You don't want to look back and wonder what you were thinking. So I'll share my four favorite reasons to choose a vintage style prom dress over the latest trends.
1. Vintage style prom dresses are classy and timeless. Some eras managed to get nearly everything right in dress design. The 1900s, 1920S, 1930s and 1940s focused on the beauty of women's figures, and the result was flattering, gorgeous dresses that have been admired ever since. If you choose to shop vintage style prom dresses, you won't look dated. Steer clear of trends. New styles haven't had time to lose their unattractive features. By the time you graduate from college, chances are you'll hate the prom trends of your graduating year. But I bet you'll still love the retro style that caught your eye when you went shopping. Vintage styles are beautiful and classy, and it'll rub off the dress and onto you!
2. Vintage style prom dresses are flattering to all body shapes. The sad, true fact is that the most popular fashions aren't very nice to the majority of girls. Because vintage designers were making dresses for real women, their styles look good on all sorts of differently shaped girls. No matter how you fit into today's faulty image of what is beautiful, you'll find that vintage style prom dresses were made to fit your own unique and lovely body. The 1920s favored slender, bean pole girls, while the 1930s' and 1940's favorite shape was the hour-glass. So take your pick, and find which one is perfect for you. 3. You make a statement when you wear vintage style prom dresses. You say something about yourself that the other girls in your class don't get to say when you choose vintage style prom dresses. You show your class that you value yourself as a person, that you aren't like everyone else, but know how to be different in a good way, that you will be noticed in the world. Vintage style prom dresses are a beautiful way to show your independence as well as your fashion taste. 4. Most of the other girls will be wearing this year's top designs. I know that the kids at your prom are going to be wearing pretty similar styles. It always happens. The dresses are all cut the same way, with variations in colors and details, but really the same dress. You won't see vintage style prom dresses. When you pick your dress from a selection of vintage style prom dresses, you also escape the danger and embarrassment of wearing a duplicate! Why blend in with the crowd, when you can show your class that you're different and unique? So choose a vintage style prom dress and shine!

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