White Cocktail Dresses

by Karen

White is daring and delicate all in one package. Waltz onto the stage with the crisp lines of a dashing and unique white dress. In these summer months, white cocktail dresses find their true stride as we embrace the heat. While the LBD (little black dress) fills your closet with mystery, a little white dress creates intrigue. Whether you're a nontraditional bride or just want a new look, choose the dress that fits your body type and completes your personal style. Fun and flirty or a daring sheath frock - which one would you choose for your next formal affair?

Cute as a Button: Every white dress gives the wearer a certain “sweetness” unparalleled in other colors. The purity of white blended with cap sleeves, an empire waistline, and a flowing short skirt will be the right amount of cute-as-a-button style. When choosing from white cocktail dresses in this style, look for added embellishment like embroidery and textured skirts to add a womanly design.

Sue Wong vintage cocktail dress in white
 Cute as a Button
The Regal Rose: Many occasions call for the right dress that will attract the right kind of attention and keep the wearer refined and comfortable. Whether you’re over 30 or you simply want to inject a little refined style into your wardrobe, look for simple elements. White cocktail dresses such as this Sue Wong V-neck sheath dress are made to fit the bill. Perfect for afternoon brunches with the ladies or affairs at the golf course and horse races, a lady would find herself romantic and well-dressed. Focus on added touches like embroidered overlay, chiffon flutters, and a traditional neckline to find this look for yourself.
The Regal Rose V-neck sheath dress
The Regal Rose
Effortlessly Elegant: The strapless cocktail dress is an undying favorite with young, chic modern ladies of today. In an effort to make this style of dress unique, we have a few tips. One, don’t assume that because it’s strapless, it doesn’t need other design. To make a strapless cocktail dress one-of-a-kind, you’ll need to look for folded fabrics, blended textures, and embellished designs. Tip number two? Make sure that the dress has a structured waistline. Many strapless white cocktail dresses are made with tightened elastic at the chest which gives the wearer a pinched look. With a little bit of support from the waistline of the dress, you will be comfortable and truly look it.
Effortlessly Elegant Cocktail Dress
Effortlessly Elegant
The Proper Princess: Many shoppers make the mistake of choosing cocktail evening dresses with the intent on showing as much skin as possible. White cocktail dresses, while sending off the image of purity and refinement, can also be proper. To choose a dress in this style, look for higher necklines, Peter Pan collars and front or back buttons. Couple those elements with a classically short hemline and you have a proper dress that is still sexy and seductive – just enough of both!
White cocktail dresses
 The Proper Princess
The rumor is that the traditional, “don’t wear white after labor day” is being struck down by fashion icons everywhere. Whether you hold to the rules or plan on breaking them , white cocktail evening dresses add sophistication and romance to tired cocktail attire. Prime summer season is upon us with the summer solstice in 6 days. Don’t miss the cool and calculated look of a white dress this year - bride, mother, or flirty young temptress, you'll love how you feel in white.

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