What to wear when dancing the tango

by Karen

Now tango is one of the top 10 daces worldwide. We know the “gypsy tango”, “Creole tango” and, of course, most dancers dance the Argentinean tango. The last dance spread during the 1910-1920’s as a saloon dance or variety show dance! The dance was criticized by many dance critics. Some of them called the dance “the expression of the horizontal passion” others could even afford calling it “the worst threat behind German imperialism”. Born as a whimsical mixture of Spanish flamenco, African tangano and Cuban habanera, tango appeared to be really sensitive and passionate. It was strongly prohibited in Tsar's Russia whereas in the USA tango became extra popular and the peak of the dance appeared during the Depression and World War II. Believe it or not it was prohibited several times in Central Europe as well. Probably because of this tango became more than just popular! The dance became the culture! After the track "Mi Noche Triste" in 1917, the basic music tone of tango became very “triste”, that is, sad or even sorrowful. This theme also influenced most tango fashions: the first lacerated dresses appeared. The tango was once a men’s dance, like a dancing battle between men. Surely, the battle appeared because of the woman! They say the woman could choose from up to 15-20 men! After the tango finally appeared in Germany, Russia and USA the trend of tango inspired fashion skyrocketed! Ladies stormed fashion saloons and many first true collections were tailored. To say the truth some fan dancers believe that finding the right pair of tango shoes is real luck, others claim it’s like passionate hunting. Anyway choosing a perfect pair of tango shoes is the ritual of dedication! Ladies’ shoes should be based on the medium or high heels. Such shoes mustn’t prevent her from dancing i.e. they should fit very well! Professionals do not recommend wearing special shoes for ball dancing because of their hardness and the height of their heels. If gals are just starting to dance the tango, they may wear low or medium heeled shoes. Just one rule: they should be fixed perfect on the ankle line. If you go in for tango classes you should wear clothing that does not restrain movement or pas. In other words, your clothing shouldn’t be too narrow. Until very recently, tango was described as something retro or vintage. But now tango got its re-birth. A new wave of tangomania appeared and fashionistas again “storm” fashion clothing lines looking for the perfect tango inspired silhouettes. Tango is the new trend of neo-romantics. When it comes to tango balls or dancing evenings you should avoid wearing shapeless garments or any other “volumizing” items. Do not wear jeans either: remember nothing tightly fitting! Always try to choose the tango gown opened near the ankles this will help your tango partner! Loose skirts, leggings, graceful dresses, loose dresses in medium size are the perfect ideas for the tango evening! Avoid wearing corsets and belts; they squeeze your waist line and prevent you from being passionate and mobile. And this dance really needs sensitive and moving gals! Most experts complain about stockings and panty hose. The passionate dance may result in torn panty hose and stockings. But the truly professional advice is to wear veiled panty hoses. Such models have a much longer life! Do wear underwear of “non-stress” models. Do forget about shapewear if you want to dance tango for more than 1 hour. After all we want to list several Tango inspired silhouettes by Nataya.

The classic 1920’s inspired Nataya Tango silhouette.

Classic 1920’s inspired Nataya Tango silhouette
A perfect loose tango dress in Black.
Vintage tango dress in Black
The same model in red is right for the gals who give their preference to the more passionate tunes of the tango.
Vintage tango dress in red
The Tango Top by Nataya for a very sensitive outlook.
Vintage tango top in rose
The classic Paris Tango dress. It can be worn both for the 1940’s inspired evenings and for special tango occasions.
Vintage 1940’s inspired dress for evening occasions
Nothing can stop this dance because it is absorbed into the blood and views of the passionate African and Latino dances! And you too need to not stop and keep dancing!

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