Wedding fashion trends 2011

by Karen

Exquisiteness and romantic simplicity prevail among other trends in wedding fashion of the coming year. While formal ball corsets and fluffy skirts for brides are allowed, attention to them is not so emphasized, as it was in previous seasons. 2011 wedding dresses embody tenderness, informal simplicity and restraint of the whole silhouette. Vintage style wedding dresses are still the greatest embodiment of the trends of the coming year.
Beautiful nataya informal second wedding dress with embroidery 40015 Retro empire wedding dress for alternative brides in ivory al-8902 by nataya
Embroidery with floral patterns and delicate ribbons make an accent on exquisiteness. Cascading hemline with falling layers, lace and flowing silk has more urgency. Bridal veil is optional.
Romantic alternative wedding titanic era tea length gown with lace and embroidery 40007 by nataya Vintage inspired 1920 retro style wedding gown for informal bride with lace al-2101 by nataya
There are elements of the Victorian style in new Nataya collection: Lace necklines are presented not only in the wedding jackets and tops, but also in the dresses.
Fantasy vintage wedding 1930 reproduction bridal feminine resort wear jacket al-3301 by nataya Victorian inspired 1940 style old hollywood glamour romantic wedding lace jacket CL - 3503 by nataya
Deep neckline, loose silhouettes and delicate lace dominate a variety of fashion-making styles. Nataya dresses are fraught with tenderness, some examples of which include tulle, thin silk, flying taffeta and organza along with elegant delicate embroidery highlights.
Vintage inspired victorian style retro glamour 1920 era bridal feminine titanic tea length dress al-5901 by nataya Wedding fantasy feminine resort vacation juliet princess fairy tale gown 40019 by nataya
As you can see, aristocratic vintage minimalism and moderated glamour are in favor of the 2011 season.
Informal vintage wedding dress retro 1930 style bridesmaid romantic glamour al-10709 by nataya Vintage theme wedding 1920 victorian eproduction retro inspired old Hollywood movie al 10709

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