Wedding dresses in 1920’s style

by Karen

The roaring 20’s were the years of development as Europe “came to consciousness” after many years of military problems. The economic growth both in USA, Brazil and Europe led to the golden era which is oftentimes known as “the golden 20’s”.
1920s Vintage Fashion Dress in White
The lost generation addicted to World War kicked over its traces. The generation discovered cocktails and cocktail parties, and even US Prohibition couldn’t prevent both ladies and gentlemen from drinking hot drinks and dancing the Charleston. Finally, the first true worldwide Beauty pageant was held in 1921! In the late 20’s the first alternative wedding was held in which the bride wore…palazzo pants! She was a British actress but many ordinary gals of those days followed her example. “The golden generation” was always escorted by their close friends named “jazz” and “alcohol”. There was also a splash of fashion dedicated specifically to auto races and airplane flights. All these factors influenced the style of the true bride of the 1920’s. The usual attribute of the 1920’s brides was the long lace veil decorated with flowers and tiny transparent beads. If you don’t remember, then please review our posts about Victorian inspired weddings fashion for “fleur de oranges” bouquets, they are very appropriate for this discussion. Many gals during the Victorian times had to wait until orange trees began to blossom. The inventive brides of the 1920’s however, used artificial flowers of orange trees. Such flowers became a standard attribute of the bride. You may draw your inspiration for wedding organization from true vintage shots and find several perfectly unique ideas. If you are an alternative bride tending toward the classics, you may order special beaded long veils and a decorated la belle époque inspired wreath. Other ideas for shorter dresses and dresses in medium or tea length may go with boaters, berets or bell hats. Those may go with 1920’s inspired apparel more perfectly than ordinary veils. The 20’s inspired makeup should accentuate several features of your face: eyes must be made up in “smoky eye” style and lips should be made heart shaped. It is oftentimes hard to find special car models for your wedding procession. Ford Models of the 1920’s may be either in very bad shape or too pricy. But you may find models of cars released in the 1930’s. Take for instance the Chrysler De Soto, BMW-326, Cadillac 452 V-16 Roadster or virtually any Cadillac models. They will also be pricy, but you will have a wider range of prices and models to choose from. Art-deco, la belle époque or jazz restaurants will be great for the wedding reception. You may also rent a cabaret style art-café or a house with a pool (the budget option for the cocktail party). An art-deco inspired wedding will go mostly with Oriental luxury and exotic flowers, whereas “la belle époque” weddings will go with old retro rooms covered in dark red wallpaper and portable gramophone within. Duke Ellington’s romantic compositions and Luis Armstrong’s jazz songs may be the perfect music for the chosen wedding theme. Of course, you cannot do without the most suitable styles by Nataya. The next vintage wedding dress by Nataya will go perfect if you chose la belle époque as the main theme for your wedding. Glam mystic makeup will come out perfect both in modern and vintage inspired shots.
Vintage wedding dress by Nataya in ivory
The 1920’s style wedding Dress in Ivory by Nataya will be up to a jazz wedding or a cocktail wedding near the pool. Bobbed hairstyle or plaited long hair will be the perfect completion of the entire look.
1920’s style wedding Dress in Ivory by Nataya
Informal Nataya dress in Lime or Mint will go perfectly for tiny ladies with petite figures. Such dresses can be worn both for art-deco or cocktail parties styled in the retro 1920’s events.
Informal Nataya dress in Mint
Nataya Grecian dress is a perfect wedding dress styled as 1920’s apparel for the art-deco line. You may have both modern and vintage inspired makeup – the dress will work perfectly in both cases!
1920s Nataya Grecian dress
The romantic dress for the second wedding will work perfectly for both jazz and cocktail weddings.
Romantic dress for the second wedding
The Gatsby dress by Nataya will keep the art-deco or la belle époque lines. The retro makeup is the best working variations to make your look really unique.
Gatsby dress by Nataya in ivory
The titanic jacket and palazzo pants will be the perfect look of the first aforementioned alternative bride.

1920s fashion style dress

We wish your wedding to be truly as roaring as the fashion style you chose for the most significant day of your life!

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