Why a wedding dress is usually white?

by Karen

You might be surprised but the tradition of wearing a white wedding dress appeared not so long ago, just in the 19th century. In different cultures the dress was a reflection of the bride’s social status and wealth and its color could vary from purple or pink to red and even black! Any colors except white!  The first bride who chose a white dress for her wedding was Marguerite de Valois when she married to Henri de Bourbon in 1572. She looked stunning however the white dress was not accepted by the society due to some unknown reasons. Some persons guess that the white dress of Marguerite de Valois brought back the bloody events of the Massacre of St. Bartholomew, or people were just not ready to change their traditions. The second white wedding dress appeared just three centuries later at the wedding of Queen Victoria and the Duke Albert Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. The young queen was personally controlling the dressmaking process and completely ignored the tradition of wearing heavy brocade wedding dresses decorated with precious stones and half hidden under the ermine trimmed velvet cape. The Queen ordered a fascinating rich white satin gown, trimmed with orange flower blossoms and laces. More than a hundred lace-makers were working to produce laces enough for bridal dress and veil. And now most of the brides prefer white as the main color of their wedding dresses. However, very often the dresses are decorated with embroidery or with a waistband of contrasting colors - red, blue or green. And if a choice of wedding gown becomes a real headache, you can feel free to select any color, as the tradition of wearing a white dress is still very young and cannot be regarded as mandatory rule. And at the same time it is necessary to rely primarily on your own unique taste. Be amazing!.

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