The wedding dress ­- how to accentuate the figure

by Karen

Almost every girl has been dreaming of marriage since her childhood and wants to be perfect on the day of her celebration, to be the most beautiful in the world. Although they say that the bride is fascinating regardless of attire, I’m about to object. She is beautiful for others, but the most important thing is – she needs to feel it by herself 100%. Let’s talk about silhouettes, their advantages and disadvantages.

Empire style wedding dress

This style dress has the inflated waistline. The skirt of the wedding dress starts directly below the bust, and it can be both fitting and flowing and airy. Choose this romantic style wedding dress, if you have modest bosoms. Focusing on the bodice with embroidery and crystals, you will visually enlarge the bust. This renaissance gown is a real boon to girls with a pear-shaped figure, perfectly extending the height and lengthening the legs as well as successfully diverting attention from the belly of future mothers.

Romantic wedding princess fantasy embroidered gown 40006 by nataya

A-Line wedding dress

This dress reminds us of the capital letter "A". It skillfully accentuates the bust and gradually expands from top to bottom. You may choose top and skirt separately; it can make your image more original. This dress is very feminine and suitable for any figure. It makes short brides taller and plump ones slimmer. And if you desire to hide your hips, put on a hoop skirt. This informal wedding dress is classic in vintage wedding fashion. It looks like 1940's style dresses. The range of fabrics is extraordinary. If you want natural cloth - use a silk skirt and its’ layers will gradually fall down to the floor. If you desire fluff- use heavy fabric for the skirt and more lighter ones (tulle, taffeta) - for the upper layers.
A-line vintage inspired retro 1940 style tulle wedding dress 40005 by nataya

Wedding Ball Gown

Ages ago girls going to balls looked exactly like this: Victorian style, beaded corset and very fluffy crinoline skirt. Many brides opt for this style of wedding dress as it lifts the bust nicely and instantly transforms you. Any fantasy decorations can be used in this style. Such decorations may include bows, ribbons, ruffles, embroidery, and prints. This style dress gives off a festive and dressy aroma, which is both elegant and splendid. Additionally, short brides love the Wedding Ball Gown as it is known to make them look like pretty princess dolls. It is very important for this dress corset to fit the figure well and shouldn’t be folded nor "loose".
Victorian style fantasy fairy princess wedding ball gown by nataya porcelain doll

Mermaid wedding dress

This style is dress recommended for ladies with a good figure. It’s usually chosen by ladies who know what they want. It can be floor-length or tea length and looks even more fairy and sexy with a train. Do not worry about discomfort, simply ask the wedding salon tailor to attach the end of the train to your hand. In this case after the official ceremony you can pick up the train and save yourself from unnecessary inconvenience. This romantic antique look will never go out of style.

Wedding feminine juliet princess fairy tale mermaid gown 40019 by nataya Short casual dress for wedding

Are you the owner of chic legs? There is no need to hide them! Select a short bridal dress. It can be glamorous, adorned with ruffles, have a short skirt, and even a corset. A fluffy skirt can hide wide hips, and a corset can lift and visually enlarge the bust. And once the ceremony is all said and done with, this dress can be reused at a party or a holiday event.

short sexy romantic informal wedding bridal dress al-4402 by nataya

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