The Heels: Pros and Cons

by Karen

Heels can transform your look instantly. Wearing heels can add a stylish twist to a serious skirt or casual jeans. High heels have the ability to transform any outfit into an evening look.  

There are many advantages of wearing high heels besides the visual impact. High heels can also affect the way a person's figure appears and their personal style. Advantages of high heels are they can:

Straighten out your posture.

They can improve the gait, and make the way someone walks smoother. Wearing high heels gives an impression of a confidence regardless of whether someone wear a dress, skirt or business suit. Even though high heels give an impression that they have more shortcoming than advantages, you shouldn't give up on them completely. In addition, a shoe without some sort heel isn't good for your feet.

To find the "golden mean" or perfect heels, you can buy shoes that have an average height and don't dwell on options that are too high. 10-centimeter "hairpins", although they look impressive, a heel of 6-7cm will look just as good, if not better. In this case, make sure you're able to remain stable and are comfortable in your heels. No one wants to be completely uncomfortable wearing shoes while looking amazing!

If you can't wear high heels, you can still wear it but alternate with other shoes. As soon as you feel uncomfortable you can change your shoes immediately! And this is perfectly normal, as you'll always have your shoes at your fingertips: at the wheel, at work or on a normal walk that you can do without "hairpins." Then before you go out to a party or restaurant you can change your shoes comfortably to your liking! You can save your feet for the day and still be able to rock your heels!

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