Wearing Cowboy Boots with your Wedding Gown

by Karen

Wearing Cowboy Boots with your Wedding Gown

More and more, weddings are becoming less formal affairs. Instead of breaking the bank to throw an over-the-top wedding, couples are instead opting for celebrations with a more comfortable, down-home environment. That’s why barn weddings and backyard weddings continue to be a popular choice for contemporary couples who are tying the knot. If you’re a southern bride who wants to put a rustic-chic twist on your wedding day look, wearing cowboy boots with your bridal gown is one of the most charming ways to do so. Here are all the reasons and ways you should add cowboy boots into your wedding day look.

A Practical Alternative

Traditionally, a bride is expected to wear high-heeled shoes with her wedding dress. With so many weddings being held outside, however, that trend has started to change. Stiletto heels tend to sink through grass, making walking down the aisle outdoors nearly impossible. Plus, unpredictable terrain can make walking in heels downright dangerous. Along with their statement-making appearance, cowboy boots are a practical alternative to wearing heels on your wedding day. If you’re opting for a beautiful outdoor wedding in a picturesque pastoral setting, you’ll be much more comfortable walking around wearing a pair of sturdy boots.

Posing for Pictures

If you wear cowboy boots with your wedding dress, you’re definitely going to want to show them off. There are plenty of fun pictures you can take on your wedding day that allow your beautiful boots to be plenty visible. During bridal portraits, have your groom lift you into the air so that your boots can make an appearance. Or, have your bridesmaids wear boots as well and have the photographer snap a picture of all of you showing off your fabulous footwear. Brides who want to make their boots a show-stopping focal point of their wedding day ensemble are choosing for cocktail or tea-length weddings dresses over more formal, floor-length options. That allows her gorgeous boots to be on display all day long. Many tea-length dresses have a rustic or retro twist, which just happens to pair perfectly with a chic pair of boots.

The Best Wedding Gowns to Wear with Cowboy Boots

There is perhaps no better pairing than a rustic lace wedding gown and a pair of cowboy boots. Elegant and effortless, lace bridal gowns with a vintage-inspired twist perfectly match the magical aesthetic of a fairytale rustic wedding. Complete the look by adding other natural elements, like wearing fresh flowers in your hair. With that said, pairing cowboy boots with a billowing ballgown can also make for a delightful contrast. There are plenty of glamourous country girls who want to look like a princess on their wedding day but not lose their unique sense of style in the process. Wearing a formal, traditional gown with cowboy boots is a wonderful way for a bride to show off different facets of her personality.

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