Where do we want to get married?

by Karen

He has proposed. You said yes. Now comes the big blur – planning for the big day. The first decision to be made after setting the date is, Where do we want to get married? As in, where do we hold this big shindig! For some, the local church is perfect. But for others, a romantic destination is what they seek. The best romantic destinations tend to be outdoors. Let’s look at a few outdoor venues to consider for your wedding. 

The Beach

It might seem a bit cliché to have a beach wedding, but it can be very romantic. There are a few things to remember about this type of destination. First, ladies, don’t try to wear your heels on the sand; it won’t work and you could break an ankle. Second, again for the ladies, the sea breeze may not be the whispering breeze you were expecting; your hair may get moved around – it is okay and part of the charm of the sea. Gentleman, a beach wedding is very special and means a lot to your lady; be sure to stay by her side all the way through to sunset if at all possible because that will be a memory she will never forget.

The Garden

Gardens come in many shapes and sizes. Some are drowning in flowers while others are similar to hedge mazes and still others are a combination and may even have dainty bridges over tiny ponds. Choose the location that you fall in love with immediately and you can’t go wrong. Also, gardens aren’t just beautiful in the day time, they are absolutely gorgeous at night. You might consider a late afternoon wedding and then have the reception at sunset with twinkling lights. That being said, do take a few things into consideration when choosing a garden wedding. Are you or any of the main attendants conflicted with allergies? If so, you may not want to torture yourself at flower garden for too long, if at all. Be sure you know when the groundskeeper is going to mow. You do not want to walk in wet cut grass or have you gown drag the fresh cut blades.

State Parks

For some brides and grooms, budgets are a really big part of the planning of a wedding. You are bent on having an outdoor wedding but just can afford the destination to a popular garden retreat or to the ocean. State parks are a cost conscious way to have the outdoor wedding you want at the budget you need. Many state parks offer cabin rentals as well, so if you have a small wedding party then everyone can stay right on the grounds. A word of advice, for the best rates, go in the off season. Late September is a great time for a wedding. The sun is still warm, the trees for the most part are still green and haven’t started yet to lose their leaves.

For the Adventurer

Go someplace fun and exciting. Maybe the roller coaster you and he love so much will allow you to have a small wedding exchange while aboard. Or, maybe he asked you to marry him while you were skydiving, then the venue for a wedding on the cliff side with some parasailing would be perfect. For some, these are the outdoor venue of their dreams. They don’t want the traditional walk down the aisle, or maybe they did that before and want something completely different. It doesn’t have to be romantic to anybody but the two of you. Enjoy your day and be sure to take lots of beautiful pictures so you will remember it for a long, long time.

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