The Violet Dress in Old Hollywood style

by Karen

The color violet symbolizes dignity, nobility and high ideals. You will look just like a mysterious goddess when you wear Nataya’s Vintage-Style Dress in romantic violet.
Violet apparel by Nataya

(violet apparel by Nataya)

Violet, including shades such as mauve, purple, magenta and lavender, is by nature quite a saturated color. Violet vintage-style dresses always help both elder ladies and juvenile gals appear profound. This color always reminds us of the good old days of Old Hollywood. Different shades of violet are suitable for evening apparel, whereas other colors are better for other types of occasions and casual affairs.
Vintage style dress in violet

(boho dress in violet)

The violet dress is rather complicated. It seems to be as universal as beige, black, gray and white dresses. Violet perfectly harmonizes with darker and neutral (nude) colors, so a vintage-style dress in violet can be easily paired with black, gray and even darker shawls or jackets. As we have already mentioned, the violet dress has the true touch of aristocracy. That’s why Nataya’s Vintage-Style Dress Collection is full of mauve colors. When wearing one of these violet dresses, you may feel like you belong on the set of Cameron’s Titanic or that you would be at home as a lady from Victorian nobility. Brown-haired gals and true brunettes may confidently wear the darkest violet dresses. If you, on the contrary, do not tan well or are natural blonde with porcelain-colored skin, you will likely prefer lighter shades of violet because the deepest violet colors may make your skin look as if it has an unnatural shade of white.
Titanic dress in mauve

(The Titanic dress in mauve)

The violet dress, especially one in the vintage style, is the apparel of dreamers and innovators. It is very rich by its nature, so there mustn’t be too much violet in the dress’ accessories. The violet color scheme includes both hot red colors and cold blue shades. Thus, if you don’t want to wear the true saturated violet dress, you may pick any of these colors when you select Nataya’s Vintage-Style Dress for purchase: • plum • lilac • mauve • deep blue • ultramarine • lavender • turquoise When choosing your vintage-style apparel in violet, keep in mind that you shouldn’t get lost or “sunk” in the rich color of your clothing. As Tyra Banks says, you should wear the dress, not the other way around.

Accessories for Violet Dresses

The accessories, handbags, clutches, gloves and shoes that you pair with a violet dress should be in contrasting colors. Using gray, black, chocolate and, sometimes, emerald green, you may emphasize your personal style.
Old Hollywood inspired dress in Ruby and Violet

(The Old Hollywood inspired dress in Ruby and Violet)

You are better off combining your violet dress with other colors besides violet. In this case, however, you may still pair a mostly violet dress with violet shoes or a violet clutch. By the way, the shoes you select may be versatile. They may harmonize with the dress or other accessories, or they may depart entirely from the main color scheme. In any case, choose the right accessories, and you will complete your vintage look. Violet looks great when it is paired with either hot-colored gold or “cold” shades of silver. This is not surprising because violet is made by combining a hot color (red) with a cold color (blue). When it comes to jewelry, diamonds, violet amethysts, purple almandines and blue sapphires look especially great when you wear them with violet apparel. Emeralds, amber and hot gems may also go with your violet dress in the vintage style. If you have a tight budget, you may want to pick jewelry made from semiprecious gems.
Old Hollywood inspired outfit in amethyst

(The Old Hollywood inspired outfit in amethyst)

Nataya’s collection of vintage styles and informal dresses is full of outfits in playful colors from violet to lavender to beige. The more complex the transition from color to color, the better your apparel will look on your body. Black is the color most frequently paired with violet. Indeed, the long toe shoes in velvet black never go out of style when paired with violet. You should know, on the other hand, that there are more creative shoe solutions such as shoes in gray, beige, brown, emerald green or turquoise. 

Nataya apparel inspired with Old Hollywood

(Nataya apparel inspired with Old Hollywood)

If you plan vintage-style apparel in violet as the main line for your summer affair and you insist on wearing sandals on high heels, the chiffon shawl or wrist-corsage ridicule in the same color as your shoes will work for you. Your violet dress should also go great with silver and golden sandals on high heels. If you have chosen this color for your apparel and follow our tips, you should never get lost in it. Instead, you will live up to the nobility of the color, which is always a must!

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