Vintage Wedding Today

by Karen

I got engaged to be married a few months ago. I didn’t have plans for my dress until that day. These are common thoughts for many women. Not every little girl dreams of the white princess wedding; believe it or not. Some don’t even think about marriage until the day they are proposed to. In the case of the latter, ladies haven’t spent years dreaming about the perfect dress and the perfect shoes. These women are starting fresh with the planning of their new found dream. Imaginations run wild during this time and many women are turning to a vintage wedding style. Why not? Vintage is classic, and elegant, and sophisticated; and it never goes out of style. The fashions from long ago were not the bride-to-be sees all the amazing varieties that exist.cookie-cutter styles brides are unfortunately settling for today. Back in the day, clothes fit the wearer and included styles for the super skinny to the well-endowed woman; and all looked great. Brides were not restricted to white gowns; they had lots of choices in color, length, and flair. Going with a vintage touch can include outfits from any era; Edwardian, Roaring ‘20s, Steampunk, Downton Abbey, and the list goes on. With each of these there are an assortment of looks to choose from; floor-length gowns to dainty above knee numbers to sheer styles to beaded and sequin covered. Creating your version of a vintage wedding today can be exciting and fun. Deciding on an era can be challenging once a bride-to-be sees all the amazing varieties that exist. Brides can accessorize with more than just a veil. Jewelry from the different eras were exquisite and chosen with care. Hats, gloves, and delicate lace or silk were incorporated into each outfit. No two brides seemed to be dressed the same. Whispers of uniqueness were everywhere. Sure, going to the shop in the city with thousands of dresses is a great convenience of the world today; but finding the exact dress you want and then bridesmaids’ dresses that complement the look isn’t. Even if you weren’t a dreamer as a child; as a grown up, making decisions about one of the biggest days of your life, you can allow yourself the luxury of dreaming now. Take the time to visualize every detail. Watch movies from the era you are planning your vintage wedding around. Start a picture journal of all the ideas that are swimming around in your head. Once you have chosen a time period to work from, the rest of the planning will be a piece of cake. A vintage wedding allows for extra elegance for ladies. If you were recently proposed to or you are helping a bride plan a wedding of their recently realized dreams; and are looking for vintage wedding attire, take a look around The Wardrobe Shop. Whether you are looking for a dress for yourself, or dresses for your wedding party, finding the perfect dresses and accessories is easy on this site.

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