Vintage wedding hairstyles for mother of the bride

by Karen

You are the mother of the bride! It is a crucial and exciting role requiring the control over millions of issues related to the wedding preparations. However , it is not a reason to forget about yourself. Let's take a moment to think about your image. We have a few ideas, and each of them deserves special attention. Choose the best one! Like a Gibson girl. Bouffant hairstyle was a symbol of the late Victorian era. Puff hair, raised high on the head, looks simple but gorgeous. The hair ups expose beautiful neck and attractive shoulder line.  1920s Style Solid Finger Waves. It is, probably, one of the most popular hairstyles that can still be found in the pages of magazines and at special events of any level. Cascading subtle waves will create a heavenly beautiful and charming image. Please note, this hairdo requires a certain style of dress: a one-color low-necked straight dress will be the best option.  Marilyn curls. Ideal hairstyle for short hair inspired by the matchless Marilyn Monroe. Elegant side part curly hairstyle will look perfect with almost any outfit.  Bouffant Style From The 60s. The wedding dress code demands to choose more solemn and formal look? We offer you to draw your hair back, and add volume to your hairstyle. With bangs or no, your elegant hairstyle will make you look gorgeous even in a simple plain dress.

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