Vintage Wedding Fashion 2012

by Karen

The newest collections by Nataya, as well as Nataya’s bestselling dresses, please customers with the dresses’ latest fashion designs and flattering silhouettes. Let’s have a glimpse at the hottest trends on runways around the world and popular makeup styles while we remember the hottest models by Nataya for the coming spring and summer wedding seasons. The wedding is definitely the most important event in any gal’s life. She has to be in front of the camera all day long without worrying about makeup. Fortunately, this season, like no other, has great potential for the use of vintage-style makeup. The spring and summer seasons this year are characterized by cold, maximum cold and natural pallets. All these colors are extra popular, and they should be used for vintage-style makeup.


Nataya titanic ivory gown al 2101


(Nataya Titanic Dress)

Cold palettes can be applied with tender pearl eye shadow. The eyes should be accentuated with a liquid eye liner or a pencil eye liner. But if you use pearl eye shadow, you should use matte lipstick. If you accentuate only your eyes, you should choose lipstick in tender and paler shadows. This rule doesn’t work if you apply “silent movie makeup.” In this case, you should apply saturated eye shadow in purple, green, chocolate, grey or black colors and purple or ruby red lipstick, thereby creating two simultaneous accents. Still, this makeup works only if you plan many black-and-white photos or photos in sepia style.

Empire style dress

(Empire dress)

1920's style dress in black

(the 1920's style dress)

Informal Titanic Style Dress

(informal Titanic style dress)

Such makeup is great for art deco style in black and Grecian dresses styled after the “silent movie” look.

If you plan natural Victorian makeup — the trend of the season — you should remember the following tips to avoid problems. Your face must not be disguised with heavy makeup, so you should select only one foundation base to go with your natural skin tone and the colors of your dress. Blush should be applied only in natural colors that are very close to your own natural skin tone. Most of the Titanic Dresses by Nataya will go with the aforementioned style, except for the Titanic Dress in charcoal/berry.
Vintage style wedding dress

(Vintage style wedding dress)

The classic retro-style makeup in 2012 recreates the style of the Old Hollywood diva with pale lips. If the aforementioned “silent movie” style goes with sepia-style photo shoots, Old Hollywood diva recalls the style of former Old Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet, that is, the famous ladies who appeared before the press after shooting their films. This style of makeup includes pale lipstick as well as dark blue and dark chocolate eye shadows applied to your upper and lower eyelids. Please be sparing with lower eyelid application. Before applying such makeup for the event, you should practice making up your face twice to be sure that you will look proper during the ceremony or other affair.

Vintage style wedding dress in white

(vintage style wedding dress)

Vintage style wedding dress

(vintage style wedding dress)

Vintage style wedding dresses for alternative brides

(vintage style wedding dress)

But remember that the dresses (except for dresses in the champagne color) should be in saturated shadows so that you may appear bright and lively!

You may also take into consideration the image offered by Jean Paul Gaultier — the rebirth of 1960s-inspired celebrities. Such a look involves the application of slick mascara in black, thick lines on the lid. This style also calls for a bare-dome hairstyle. At the same time, a bride may appropriately wear a lighter wedding dress. Finally, this style definitely calls for something full-skirted or, alternatively, highly tightened. The Nataya Porcelain Dress is one of the best examples of the aforementioned style. Also, full-skirted wedding dresses in the vintage style are just what the doctor ordered for the same look.
Vintage style wedding gown

(vintage style wedding dress)

We have one more trend to go — accentuated eyebrows plus natural makeup. In reality, applying makeup for a natural look is much harder than applying “silent movie makeup.” It is truly an art to create an illusion with no makeup on your face at all!

Use matte, pale rose, champagne or beige colors for eyes, cheeks and cheek bones. You should not be afraid to spend hours if that is what it takes to pick the long-lasting matte lipstick in the shade that matches your natural lip color. After all, the result will surpass all your expectations! This style is especially good for beige, ivory and champagne dresses in laces and tulles.
Vintage style wedding gown

 (vintage style wedding gown)

Vintage style wedding gown in white

(vintage style wedding gown)

No matter your tastes and preferences, remember one rule: select the proper wedding dress for the makeup and hairstyle first. After that, you may finish all the rest. Moreover, as you have noticed, we have linked to the most suitable dresses between the paragraphs of this article. So, now you will be ready for spring miracles!

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