Vintage Tops and Jeans: Modernity plus Vintage Reality, the New Trends for Summer 2012

by Karen

World fashion shows and runways are currently showing off the new wave of vogue vintage trends. Some fashion designers seem to have made up their minds to combine vintage past and futuristic or, on the contrary, modern designs.
Vintage fashion white skirt

We also offer vintage-style clothes, such as tops, to go with modern pieces such casual or cowboy skirts and denim clothes. In this blogpost, we share our ideas on the vintage tops that you should pair with denim because Nataya's collection is full of vintage-styled tops that go well with casual denim trousers. So if you have denim palazzos, leggings or trousers, why not to follow worldwide trends and combine denim pieces with vintage-style camisoles or blouses? Ready? Then you should consider: Nataya Titanic Camisoles in mint and other colors because they all go great with classic denim trousers in classic denim colors. You may pair your fashionable look with denim sack-styled handbags or black clutches.
Nataya Titanic Camisoles in black
The reverse blouse in black will hide your skinny arms. This style of vintage top may be paired with black denim trousers, especially "wide-pant models” in extra long length.
Vintage reverse blouse in black
Nataya's Victorian-Style Tank Top will look great when paired with black shoes on stiletto heels and highly tightened denim leggings in a deep blue color.
Nataya's Victorian-Style Tank Top
The Victorian Lace Tops by Nataya may be paired with darker denim trousers in a classic style and length. You won’t regret it if you pair these blouses with denim wide-bottom trousers in ash or gray.
Victorian Lace Tops by Nataya
Victorian Lace Tops by Nataya in White
Nataya's Corset-Style Blouse in a tender blue/sage color will definitely look more than splendid when paired with classically cut denim trousers in deep or dark blue colors. Gray colors are less welcome for this model. If you happily boast blue or violet eyes, the aforementioned set is begging you to wear it, and you won't regret doing so! Wear this “paired denim-vintage outfit” for your first date, and you’ll see how your world changes for the better because these are your colors! Who knows, maybe such a strange combination will be the very beginning of a new personal style?
Nataya's Corset-Style Blouse Blue
The Nataya Camisole in terracotta is perfectly paired with black bell-bottomed denim trousers or black denim palazzos. Also, it goes great with jeans in the classic style and a deep black color.
Nataya Camisole in terracotta
Nataya's Bohemian Top in red will go only with black denim leggings. Pairing a bohemian denim set with boots or ankle boots on high heels will give you another alternative look for evening occasions.
Nataya's Bohemian Top in red
The Nataya Tunic in mint/black may also look quite stunning and romantic if you pair this vivid top with black denim classic- or palazzo-style leggings.
Vintage style tunic in ivory
Vintage style top in mint
Nataya's Chinese Top will go great with most styles and colors of jeans that you wear. Black, cyan, deep blue or classic denim blue colors will do splendidly as well! As far as styles and silhouettes, you may choose leggings or a highly tightened cut.
Nataya's Chinese Top
Don't forget to include Nataya's Sensuality Top on your short list of vintage-style tops. This top pairs well with leggings and palazzos in denim fabrics. The darker model goes great with darker colors of jeans, whereas the lighter style looks perfect with sky or light cyan models.
Nataya's Sensuality Top
Nataya's Sensuality Top in White
Nataya's Flapper-Style Top in golden brown looks especially perfect with nostalgic deep blue, ash or dark black models. Surely, legging-styled jeans are preferable for pairing with this top.
Nataya's Flapper-Style Top in Golden Brown
The Nataya Camisole in blue and red will look especially marvelous if you pair this splendid Nataya design with classic jeans in a deep blue color. The overall silhouette will come out a bit cowboy-looking but still very romantic!
Vintage style camisole in red
Vintage style camisole in blue
Want another cowboy variation? Nataya's T-Shirt in black may look great with many styles of jeans and cowboy vests. Choose black and amethyst models for darker jeans, whereas beige and white models should be paired with lighter sky blue-colored denim.
Nataya's T-Shirt
Nataya's T-Shirt in black
As a variation on cowboy-style classic denim, here are two more camis: Camisole S-18 may be paired with ash-colored denim and the S-21 Nataya Vintage Cami in three colors looks prefect when paired with almost any pair of jeans.
Nataya Vintage Cami in Green
Nataya Vintage Camisole in White
Finally, here is one of the sexiest ideas by Nataya: If you want to combine a seductive look with Wild West romance, you may combine jeans with top ALT-160 in aloe or berry.
Vintage style top in aloe
Vintage style top in red
Be seductive and do not forget about your best look!

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