Vintage Summer Gowns

by Karen

Ladies step onto the carpet with their hair swept back in graceful buns and braids. Glistening in the light of chandeliers, their skin is luminescent. With endless rows of fabric, somehow these ladies have chosen gowns that will make it through the hottest of June events. Some gala gowns are heavy and cumbersome. Vintage summer gowns that must be appropriate for a gala or formal occasion and also cool enough to keep you happy inside them. Take the length without all the fuss with these vintage summer gowns.

The color of vintage summer gowns can be just as important as the fabric or the cut. In those summer months, keep the color of the dress light to attract less heat. Even in the evening, the air will be hot. Instead, choose a gown that has extravagant vintage style and dramatic length. This will ensure that you’ll be formally attired and also collected.

Vintage Summer Gowns in rose
Vintage Summer Gowns
A sheath is a great example of a cooler gown. Depending on fabric layers and extravagance, sheath dresses are laid-back, comfortable, and cool. Choose a sandy or a beige color that will match well with any affair and you have the perfect summer wedding, gala, and formal dinner dress.
Vintage Summer Long Gowns in Ivory
Vintage Summer Gowns
Coverage doesn’t mean entrapment. When you want a defined Victorian look, a frock like this Edwardian gown will do nicely. You have coverage on your arms and neck. The length of a typical gown is included, but the embroidered translucent overlay is deceivingly thin and light.
Edwardian gown dress
 Vintage Summer Gowns
Who says you can’t wear black? While black vintage summer gowns are exceedingly hot in the summer, there’s hope. Take a light black chiffon overlay, such as the Nataya below, and you have black to a “t.” While this dress is long, it leaves a little peek of ankle that is oh-so sexy.
Light black chiffon overlay
Vintage Summer Gowns
For the dramatic, take a blooming skirt with little layering. A structured skirt gives off the formal feel without the layering underneath. Many celebrity gala-goers choose this type of gown. It implies the drama and length while keeping the dress simple underneath.
Vintage Summer Gowns in blue
 Vintage Summer Gowns
Don’t be afraid to go with a less billowing gown. Summer gowns in vintage style are versatile and can be used with excessive embroidery. This Poseidon’s gown isn’t dramatic in cut, but its color and intricate beading at the bodice and skirt shoot it to the hall of fame for vintage summer gowns.
Vintage Summer Gowns in Sapphire
 Vintage Summer Gowns
Keeping cool and classy is an eternal strife. Don’t make it difficult on yourself. Find your vintage summer gown that will show off your best face – and keep you cool and collected.

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