Vintage Style Wedding Jewelry

Vintage Style Wedding Jewelry
When searching for the perfect vintage style wedding jewelry, there are so many options; you hardly know where to begin…Gatsby Era, Edwardian, Victorian, Art Deco? We proudly present our newest selections of vintage wedding jewelry that is perfect for brides or anyone on a special evening occasion.


Our Victorian and Edwardian-inspired necklaces are made from the finest nude pearls and sterling silver. The Edwardian styled “embroidery" pendant falls right in line with Downtown Abbey, Titanic, or Victorian themes.

 The Daisy Buchanan style choker necklaces are composed of an elegant string of pearls, a must-have for the flapper-inspired and brides under 35.


Don’t forget the earrings to complete the look! The Victorian Bridal Pearl Earrings dangle with gorgeous blue gems that are the perfect compliment to virtually any style. While the Romantic Drop Pearl earrings are well suited for the younger crowd. The drop style earrings can also be found in white gold or sterling silver. 

 For Art deco themed weddings or engagement parties, take a look at the following vintage earrings in their Daisy Buchanan-esque style and Victorian style earrings.


Our Victorian pearl drops pair exquisitely with all Victorian dresses by Nataya. 


To finish your look, choose the perfect bracelet, such as the wedding bracelet inlayed with crystals or the beaded bracelet that highlights your Titanic dress .


 The Edwardian style bracelet is one of our most versatile pieces, fitting perfectly with Titanic dresses or Gatsby era Daisy Buchanan style.

 The wedding Swarovski bracelet will complete the look for the vintage-styled bride. Perfect for everything from the Givenchy style of the 60s to the newest looks by Christian Dior with early 50s flair. It even fits vintageEdwardian styles and roaring 20s jazz apparel.

 The Gatsby Era Bracelet’s inspiration is reflected in its name. The Party Bracelet is our most versatile and affordable piece at It can go with disco gown, princess style silhouettes, jazz apparel, or even the empire-inspired silhouettes of the French Revolution. The Victorian bracelet is the ideal accessory to many Titanic and Downtown Abbey dresses in the Nataya collection.


 We know you’ll love these news pieces. Stay tuned for upcoming postings on our headpieces and hats forvintage-inspired ladies.

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