Vintage Style Wedding Dresses Winter 2011

by Karen

Winter Wedding DressesThis winter, wedding dresses are taking a hint from the early 20th century and transforming themselves into something completely brand new. Vintage style wedding dresses are the new romantic gowns for brides in 2011, and it is a growing trend that is reaching not only around the country, but around the world. The early 1900s was a time of sophistication, and yet, women were beginning to change up their wardrobes. No more uncomfortable bustles or mountains of petticoats and long underwear. The ladies at the beginning of this monumental century were shedding the norm and creating a new winter style. This easy, breezy and elegant look is now the rage for wedding dresses this winter. The vintage style laces and smooth, satin materials are perfectly trimmed to have a loose-fitting, flowing dress that barely grazes the bottom of the calf. The bottom of the hemline is cut in a somewhat triangular pattern, drawing the eye up and creating the illusion of a longer leg. Wedding dresses never looked more classy! Coupling this look with a string of pearls or a white flower pinned into the hair is the perfect way to compliment it with a romantic flare. Another winter trend that is grabbing hold of the fashion scene of wedding dresses is sheer paneling. Sheer panels in shirts, skirts and blouses are romantic, but not quite as romantic as when they are layered onto wedding dresses. A deep vintage style maroon color is perfect for this look. The hemline will barely graze below the knees, providing a great opportunity to pair them with gold-colored high heels. Winter Wedding Dresses
Vintage style beading is also coming back to wedding dresses. This is a very romantic look. The edges of the sheer panels and lace are dotted with vintage style beads, crocheted flowers and so forth. It gives a romantic, quirky flare to very refined wedding dresses.
Furthermore, vintage style embroidery is going a long way for Winter 2011. Old fashioned raised, thick threaded embroidered designs are all the rage. The designs for winter wedding dresses this year are everything from flowers and birds to swirls and bells. It’s a really romantic way to give a unique twist to a traditional vintage style gown.
1920s Black Lace
Another vintage style that is popping up in wedding dresses this winter? Black lace. While lace is showing up on runways everywhere, from blouses to skirts, it is now the latest rage for winter wedding dresses. Black lace dresses styled from the 1920s are stellar, romantic and sophisticated. They look amazing when they are trimmed with white embroidery and snowy hemlines. Romantic white shoes look wonderful. The 1940s has a lot to boast when it comes to romantic wedding dresses, as well. Grace Kelly’s lace bodice, long white skirt and veil have been pieces of fashion history since she wore it in her wedding to the Prince of Wales. Winter 2011 sees vintage style bodices and veils making another appearance. Part of this Winter vintage style is due to Kate Middleton

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