Vintage-style headpieces for vintage-inspired brides

by Karen

Our dearest ladies, we are thrilled to share this great news with you –- the collection is now stocked full of vintage-style headpieces for vintage-inspired brides.
We have swooped up the newest Gatsby-inspired headbands and Victorian- and Edwardian-styled hair combs to please all of our customers, helping them find an accessory to perfectly coordinate with their vintage dress or vintage hairstyle.
Our new collection would make Daisy Buchanan swoon. Those intent on channeling the red-hot "Great Gatsby" and the flair of the 1920s will find the collection of headpieces extra "Roaring!"
So let’s start with our marvelous excursion to the ornate past of the Titanic and Gatsby eras.
The next bridal headband with Swarovski stones definitely evokes the Gatsby-era Jazz Age. The headband mimics the Roaring Twenties fashionistas’ hair accessories. The headband in Grecian style may go with any Nataya vintage-inspired dress, both the Edwardian Titanic lines and the flapper-inspired styles.
Bridal headband with Swarovski stones
Gatsby-era Jazz Age headband
However, we have even bigger surprises for you in the next sample of bridal headpieces. is known for its Titanic and Gatsby-styled lines, but you may be surprised to find out we have also several Medieval-inspired gowns by Nataya for romantic lovers of the Middle Ages.
Especially for those ladies, we gladly stock two Medieval Celtic bridal headpieces. The Goddess headband will accentuate any Medieval-inspired wedding gown. The Celtic forehead headpiece for brides may also be a great add on for princess and Grecian-styled wedding gowns.
Titanic and Gatsby-styled headbands
Goddess medieval headband
The bridal tiara-styled headband is another sample of Gatsby-inspired wedding headpieces. The headpiece will blend seamlessly with all jazz-inspired silhouettes.
Bridal tiara-styled headband
The Art Deco wedding headband may be a little bit pricey, but it's worth it for a piece that has the potential to eclipse Daisy Buchanan’s signature headbands. If you are looking for the Daisy Buchanan-inspired styles you will, no doubt, find them here, beginning with Nataya’s dresses and finishing with the bridal headbands such as this one.
Art Deco wedding headband
Here are two more variations of Art Deco-inspired headbands. If you are looking for budget-friendly Swarovski headband, you may love either our simple crystal headband or the hair band made of crystals. The twist-style headband looks perfect on any bride, and especially those with square or round faces. The style also draws attention to faces exposed by dramatic up-dos.
Art Deco-inspired headbands
Art Deco white headband
The Grecian bridal headband will go with both Grecian-style wedding dresses and boho-inspired wedding gowns. Because the styles are so detailed, brides won't need a lot of beadwork or heavy accessories.
Grecian bridal headband
Those feeling more daring can embrace the allure of a classic flapper-inspired wedding headband such as the ones offered at A headpiece such as this will blend with many dresses from Nataya’s spring collection as well as their classic Titanic-inspired dresses.
Nataya’s spring collection headband
If you prefer Edwardian-inspired romance and have no wish to make flapper dress of the vintage-inspired Titanic dress by Nataya, then you will probably fall in love with the Edwardian bridal. The comb will look lovely with braided hairdos, as well as more traditional Edwardian-inspired up-dos.
Traditional Edwardian-inspired up-dos
The crystal wedding hair comb also is inspired by our glam girl, Daisy Buchanan. You can channel her spirit in the flapper-inspired Daisy tuxedo dress or Titanic tea-length dress in ivory.
Crystal wedding hair comb
The vintage-inspired garland hair comb is another variation of the revamped Daisy Buchanan style. If you prefer sparkle rather than matte satin, you can end your search with this piece.
Vintage-inspired garland hair comb
And, finally, what is a Gatsby-inspired wedding without the iconic Gatsby-inspired birdcage veil? All of Nataya's Titanic, jazz, Charleston and flapper-styled dresses beg to be accessorized with this veil.
Gatsby-inspired birdcage veil
As each item is hand-crafted, you can rest assured that you will look unique and stylish on your big day!

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