Vintage-Style Dresses in Black: What Should You Pair With Them

by Karen

Everybody knows that fashion streams and trends are not limited to the red carpet. Instead, fashion also reflects the epochs, different styles, and their mixtures. The dress, in particular, is the supreme expression of femininity and style, but the black dress is not only style and femininity, but also sensuality and uniqueness. Modest or short, extra long or dresses with trains — the black dress has become a classic.
Nataya tango dress in black

(Nataya tango dress in black)

Most of us definitely associate the black dress first with Coco Chanel and her little dress in black. Some may recall the famous highly tightened gown in black invented by Givenchy and worn by Audrey Hepburn. Maybe there will be some people who think of the little black dress by Gucci, which was part of the once beloved wardrobe of Victorian Beckham. About a hundred years ago, many people associated black dresses with sorrow, but now this model has become a “must have” in any wardrobe. When picking a black dress, however, you should also select the best accessories to go with your fashion. There are many choices of black cocktail dresses in nearly any length and style. The black dress will always emphasize your beauty and show off your refinement.
Nataya vintage style dresses in black

(Nataya vintage style dresses in black)

What Accessories Can be Paired with the Black Dress?

We have brought back the memories of Coco Chanel, and that means the good old classics of jazz and the art-deco era of the 20s or 30s are still alive and working. The flapper-style dresses in black, jazz dresses in black and long black dresses can be paired successfully with one string of pearl and little jeweled eye rings (also with pearls). You may also replace pearls with other little gems. The aforementioned styles of black dresses will definitely go well with a tiny clutch bag and classic shoes.
Nataya dresses in black

(Nataya dresses in black)

Also, a black vintage-style gown may be paired with a jacket in bright and saturated colors. In this case, you should prefer shoes in stiletto heels, preferably in the same color as the jacket. Do you not like jackets or coats? You may pair your long dress with an airy shrug or scarf.
Nataya vintage style dress in black

(Nataya vintage style dress in black)

Juvenile fashionistas may also experiment with leggings and varicolored stockings, but the last runway show of Giorgio Armani demonstrated a new trend of pairing short and tunic style dresses with short length trousers or shorts. So, you may also consider this alternative.


Vintage inspired dress in black
The black dress in short length for walking can be paired with a leather jacket and black moccasins. Stylists say that accessories made of leather are ideal for wearing with black dresses. The Advice of the Fashion Masters We would like to mention Coco Chanel and Givenchy again. These masters of the fashion industry have given the most excellent advice for dressing smartly and sharply. Here it is:

Coco Chanel

• your knees should be hidden by the style of your dress
• you should have some kind of accentuated waist
• only thin and transparent stockings go with the black dress
• closed-toe shoes will also pair well with the short black dress
• always prefer a little clutch or ridicule-style bag as an accessory for the black dress”

Chanel’s rules still work for black dresses in short or knee length.

Hubert de Givenchy

Givency, on the contrary, sees the traditional black dress in his own way:
• your black dress may reveal your knees
• you may have tiny sleeves or no sleeves at all;
• you may pair the black dress with thin stockings in beige or black
• your waistline should be also accentuated;
• if you want to have big items of jewelry, always wear only one item
• gloves may also be the perfect accessories for the black dress
• classic shoes and handbags in small or medium sizes may go great with the black dress
Vintage style dresses in black

(vintage style dresses in black)

What Can Be Paired with the Black Dress Now?

Here are some modern rules for black dress accessories:
• if you plan to wear the black dress for ceremonies or celebrations, you should pair your dress with thin stockings or pantyhose only
• never wear sandal shoes with the black dress
• as for bags, the aforementioned rules by Givenchy or Chanel work great — use a clutch or medium-sized handbag
• nail-styled earrings may work as the best additions to your overall look
Vintage style dresses in black

(vintage style dresses in black)

Fashion changes day by day, and so do the accessories that go best with the black dress. You may experiment with your own style, but the classic look works best for vintage style dresses in black.
Vintage fashion style dress in black color

(vintage style dresses in black)

You should not be scared to wear vintage-style dresses in black. Such dresses will always convey a flair of personality, charm, and femininity for their wearers.

Use the proper fabrics, and pick the proper jewelry (probably the true vintage items) to make your look come out vintage and breathtaking!

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