Vintage Style Dresses and Beloved Colors: The Vintage Quiz

by Karen

It has long been noted that the dominating color in your wardrobe may tell you many things, perhaps even things you have never suspected. For instance, if you are in the perfect mood and like the day, you may choose the pink dress, whereas if you are in a terrible mood, you may prefer green. Often we select something orange and shiny to get over depression.
Vintage inspired orange dress
If you open your wardrobe, you may discover one or two colors that are dominant over the rest. This did not happen by chance but reflects the law — the law of your nature and psychology. So, let’s take a glimpse at the dominant colors in your wardrobe. White is the synthesis of the entire rainbow spectrum. It is seen in both the whiteness of the cold snow and the whiteness of airy clouds. Any lady of any character may prefer this color. You should also remember the traditions surrounding this color. For example, Europeans may associate white with the robe of nurse. If most of your tops are white, that may indicate that you are working in a practical job, perhaps as an office clerk or in some other office job. White is the least romantic color of all for those who love the vintage style.


Nataya Titanic dress in ivory


(Nataya Titanic dress)

Black is the opposite of white. Usually, the black dress symbolizes open sexuality and glam, but sometimes it is worn to hide one’s true feelings. A gal whose wardrobe is 70 percent black or more may be full of self-doubt and shy. Black dresses, however, do make you look slimmer, and if you are confident and sociable, you may have problems with your figure and strive to look perfect and ideal by wearing black. It’s quite normal for most ladies over 25 to own evening gowns only in black, but if you prefer this color in your casual apparel, you may want to ask yourself this question: “Why is black the dominant color in my wardrobe?”
Vintage style dress in black

(Vintage style dress in black)

Grey is usually seen as the color of wise and sober-minded ladies. So if you prefer this color even in your casual dresses, you may be one who considers every problem from several different angles. This color is also seen as neutral and very modest. You should remember, however, that grey might make you look older and gloomier than you really are if it’s not the color of the season. Still, this color is perfect for bright accessories, and any white gold, platinum or silver jewelry will immediately turn your casual apparel into evening-smart clothes. And if you prefer a colorful kerchief, your overall look will make you immediately into the center of the party when you choose grey apparel.
Vintage style apparel in grey

(vintage style apparel in grey)

Red is the color of passion. Most ladies know this and are not ashamed of this fact or their sexuality. Sometimes a lady who is struggling with her modesty will start wearing red, and this color slowly becomes dominant in her wardrobe. Wearing red will get you noticed wherever you are. The red dress, indeed, makes a lady into very sexy gal, but the gals who cannot stand this color may be those who want to avoid conflict or are easily scared.
Empire ball gown in red

(empire ball gown in red)

Orange is the beloved shade of all dreamers. If you prefer most dresses and sets in orange, you likely have a splendid imagination and intuition. A gal in an orange dress may attract others with her active energy. She a coquette and loves holidays, but she doesn’t love order.
Vintage style dress in coral orange

(vintage style dress in coral orange)

Blue is the color of sea, lakes and sky. These are the colors of infinity and deepness. Shy and calm (in outward appearance), ladies who wear these colors may be even more passionate than the lovers of red dresses. Their anger will be like a storm at sea. Such ladies are very romantic.
Blue vintage style dress

(blue vintage style dress)

Green is the beloved color of calm and gaudy people. Sometimes those who prefer green are phlegmatic. These ladies just love to count all their next steps, and they try to avoid unnecessary ones. They can be self-centered in some ways, but they believe in everything good. Ladies who have a lot of emerald or khaki apparel may boast of their love of peace. Also, golden accessories plus red hair and a vintage-style green dress will turn any gal into a star of Irish poetry.
Green vintage style dresses

(green vintage style dresses)

Yellow is the shade of an unsteady mood and vagueness. Such ladies are very mobile and open to everything new. Gals who prefer lime or lemon colors may prefer progress. Such gals may be infantile, but to men they are pretty sweet ladies. Yellow dresses harmonize with violet and black accessories. And the swimwear in yellow looks perfect against tan skin.
Vintage inspired gown in ivory
Violet is the color of choice for romantic and philosophical ladies. These ladies look for sense in life. You may even call them mystics, but, like the ladies who prefer red, they are very attractive because there is some magical flair about them. Lavender shades may also indicate melancholy. Ladies who wear violet, purple and lavender love to think about their inner worlds.
Vintage style dress in violet

(vintage style dress in violet)

Lavender vintage style dresses

(lavender vintage style dresses)

Beige, brown and chocolate are preferred colors for gals with a lot of self-esteem. Some of the ladies who wear these colors, however may just be looking for their prefect style or color, and these brown shades are only temporary for them. The sand color is almost invisible, and it is associated with both gaudiness and peace. Ladies in sand or beige dresses may appear very fragile and touchy to men.
Victorian Gown in beige

(Victorian Gown in beige)

Pink is a color of glam gals, who, sometimes may be infant, but such gals used to show of a perfect sense of romance.
Ballerina dress in pink


(ballerina dress in pink)

Of course, these color characteristics that were determined by world psychologists are not the eternal verities, so you should discover the facts about you. Then, go to and choose the vintage-style dress of your beloved colors.

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