Vintage Prom Dresses

by Karen

It is the moment when a girl can truly feel like a princess. Dressed head-to-toe in a glorious gown, a young girl is given her first look at being a lady. The delicate corsage, the pinned boutonniere, the elegant evening cannot be compared. Prom is a memory that every girl wants to make her own. For those little ladies who have a penchant love for all things antique, vintage prom dresses are a must-have. Whether your daughter desires a flowing chiffon gown with the dreamy appeal of a fairy princess, a dramatic floor-length sheath covered in antique embroidery, or a black lace Gothic romance inspiration, let that teenage spirit show with a truly unique gift. Go on, imagine that young lady in a dress perfect for her nature. Here are a few of our fave looks for Prom this year. For elegance fit for a queen, let her shine in the ever-elegant, embroidered masterpiece that is the Sue Wong Embroidered Prom Dress. A magnificent gown sheath is covered with an intricate detailed design reminiscent of antique embroidered lace. With a pretty and perfect illusion yoke, prom will be everything she was hoping it would be. This dress comes in a glorious rose pink and also a glistening champagne, each one giving their own unique detail to the gown.

Vintage Prom Dresses in rose 
Vintage Prom Dresses in white
Vintage Prom Dresses
For a young lady looking for something extravagant and flowing, look no further than Sue Wong's Pure Elegance at the Prom Dress. Dressed in a bright cerulean blue, this effortless spaghetti strap dress is complete with a light chiffon floor-length skirt. The bodice, with a tasteful sweetheart neckline, is decorated with an array of black and gold beading. With a color such as this and simple design, no one waltzing into that room will have anything to compare.
Vintage Prom Dresses in blue 
Vintage Prom Dresses
If you have a rebellious girl-in-black at home, do not fret. These girls are most at home in something unique. They crave it. With a fantastic variety of unique and vintage prom dresses, you won't be empty-handed for her special day. The Great Gatsby Dress is a prime example of femininity, frills, and an all-black cast that will get that girl excited about expressing herself. Perfect with a dark lip and eyeliner, the flowing and inventive 1920's-inspired style will put a smile on that face no matter what.
Vintage Prom Dresses in black
Vintage Prom Dresses
In an ode to the dramatic, enter the lovely Othelia dress. For those ladies who truly love romantic, wispy styled vintage prom dresses, this pastel confection is every young writer's dream. Delicate mint roses perfect the sleeves and waistline while a fluid, layered skirt finishes in a classic tea length. Clad in this chiffon treasure, your little Jane Austen reader will be right at home for her prom.
Vintage Prom Dresses in sapphire
Vintage Prom Dresses
High school is about inspiration and discovery. As teens grow, they express themselves in many ways. For those lovely ladies looking into their future and saying goodbye to their childhood, from regal Prom Queen to delicate Wallflower, vintage prom dresses can give each girl her own unique spin on an age-old tradition. In one of these or many of our other inspired collections, those prom pictures will be classic, timeless they should be.

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