Vintage and modern bridal hairdos

by Karen

When trying to choose the perfect wedding hairdo, the shape of your face will play a very significant role. If you have your hair cut and it reveals your flaws instead of eliminating them, the only solution will be to your hair. This takes time and you don’t need such kind of problems! So it’s necessary for you to know your face type because it may help you pick the perfect bridal hairstyle. First, you should define the exact type of face you have. You should measure the dome, the cheekbones and the chin. If you did everything right you can define the type of face you have.

The round face

The face is almost equal in all measurements and the widest part of it is the cheek bones. To make your round face a little bit longer, you can choose a hairdo where most of your hair is gathered at the top. The rest of the hair should hide behind your ears. Avoid boyish or flapper bobbed haircuts as they may make your face oval or even rounder. The 60’s inspired pony tails or Grecian inspired plaits will go great!


The Oval face

Your face is a little bit longer than it is wide, while the chin is narrower than the temples. You can happily claim that your face type will match any style of wedding hairdo or haircut.

Rectangular face

Such type of the face is usually long and narrow. The chin and dome are almost equal. Your haircut should give your face a little bit more roundness. You may pick up a hairstyle in which the hair hides the ears and conceals the cheek bones a bit. Asymmetrical parting will be perfect. Because your face is long enough do not make it even longer using high hairstyles. The veil will set off the features of your face better if it hides the ears and “touches” the cheeks.


Triangular face

The wide dome yet very narrow chin makes you the owner of a triangular type of face. Your face will look more graceful if your haircut focuses on the part of your hair that under the ears and on the back of the head. The art- deco and Titanic inspired hairdos of long hair is a perfect decision. The medium sized bob will also do. As for the veil, you should prefer the one to widen the line below your chin.


The square face

The face is very wide while the temples and dome are almost equal. In order to not accentuate the straight lines you will need to give volume to the area near the ear line. If you have the straight hair, make it curly or wavy. You won’t regret it! Oftentimes, a bride chooses her hairdo based on fashionable hairdos in catalogues. They do not take into account the type of face they have. If a gal really knows what type of hairstyle is truly becoming for her, she can do the hair herself, or risk tears and disappointment. If a gal has a short haircut some people believe it’s hard to do something worthy or romantic. The reality is far from it!


If you are tallish and slender Twiggy styled hairdos will go splendid! And what’s more important is if you have straight and thin hair, a short haircut will help give the necessary volume to the overall style. Such hair doesn’t usually “need” flowers. You can choose either a tiara or a thin 1920’s style band. Too modest? Not so! It will look splendid! The wavy hair is a dream of any gal who has straight hair. Such locks make the gal very feminine and romantic. Again you should take into account only your type of face. Make “setting off” locks for a rectangular type of face. The 20’s inspired curly hair will go great with a triangular face. Such hair is in need of vivid flowers, silk flowers or thin jewelry bands. If you have less than 2-3 weeks before the wedding it’s better to decline making any experiments with haircuts or hair colors. And, you should definitely have “a rehearsal” of your wedding hairstyle a week or two before the affair. Again we sincerely recommend you to make your choice two or three weeks before the wedding day. You should shine in a perfect wedding dress with a splendid hairdo. Your overall silhouette must be an excellent addition to your personality and you cannot allow even a single lock to spoil it!

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