Vintage Ivory Wedding Dresses

by Karen

The Great Comeback: Vintage Ivory Wedding Dresses

Vintage wedding gown in whiteEverything Old is New Again! Your wedding gown is among the top choices to be made once you have become engaged. It is both exciting and daunting at the same time. Every bride wants to be unique on her wedding day; every bride wants to shine. Most importantly, every bride wants to look and feel beautiful.
More and more brides are opting for the Vintage wedding gown. The Nataya collection of Vintage Ivory Wedding Dresses will leave you gasping with the possibilities of the perfect vintage wedding dress, complete with accessories.Consider yourself on your wedding day; resplendent in one of our vintage ivory wedding dresses, perfectly accessorized, with your hair beautifully styled to the era. All eyes will be on you as you make one of these Nataya Vintage Ivory Wedding dresses uniquely yours. The History of the Vintage Ivory Wedding Dresses from 1900 through 1920: "Vintage" refers to clothing from a previous era. Nataya Vintage Ivory Wedding Dresses bring us back to an earlier, more romantic era. The 1900s were considered a prosperous era and silk and chiffon were used on wedding gowns. Think 'the Gibson Girl'. The gowns highlighted the hourglass figure. The dresses consisted of quite a bit of draped fabric with extravagant bodices and sleeves. The flowers were white roses or orchids or lillies of the valley. In the 1920s, the heavy ballgown design of previous years gave way to a lighter, less structured dress. Think 'the flapper'. It was a more frivolous time. The straight lace and silk gowns were representative of womens' new independence.
Vintage Ivory Wedding Dresses

Accessories to be worn with the Vintage Ivory Wedding Dresses

A beautiful headpiece representative of the era - the headpiece, depending on the style of your dress, can be as formal as a veil or as fun as a flower worn to the side of your hair. While veils were worn in the early 1900s, the 1920's, gave way to the band around the head, sometimes jeweled or adorned with a feather.The Nataya Vintage Ivory Wedding Dresses can be, through accessories, as demure or glamorous as you choose. There is a selection of Vintage Ivory Wedding Dresses for every body type. For example: If you are full-figured, you will want to find an A-Style dress or empire waisted dress, which conceals your waist and hips beautifully. If you are petite, don't let a dress with too much fabric overwhelm your body. Smpler is better. If you are tall and thin, you may want to consider more of a long sheath type. Our Vintage Ivory Wedding Dresses can work for virtually all skin tones. Ivory can be a much more flattering color on more women than a stark white. The selection you will find of our Vintage Ivory Wedding Dresses allow for a multitude of different looks, reflecting your vision of the perfect vintage wedding. Your vintage-inspired jewelry make our Vintage Ivory Wedding Dresses as informal or formal as you desire. Every bride is beautiful on her wedding day. However, if you want to add something that really allows your personality to shine through, to be in a classic wedding dress that will still look great years later when youre looking at your wedding photos, you can't go wrong wearing one of our beautiful Vintage Ivory Wedding Dresses.

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