Vintage Inspired Clothes to Disguise Figure Flaws. Part II

by Karen

Looking deeper into the main problems of any figure, anyone can find themselves getting a little bit plump in places they'd rather not. We depicted already the problems of heavy bottoms and saddle bags. Now it is time to look at the greater picture of the issues a plus sized body may have. In reality, nowadays it is considered that a plus sized body means that you have a problem. But the classical plus size shape (when you are a little bit plump) means quite the opposite. It means that you’re of good health and even in times of the Baroque and epoch era, it was commonly accepted that if a lady was skinny she had great problems with her health. Nevertheless nowadays even wise ladies who appreciate their plus sized body want to look slender. Let’s find out how to disguise the plump figure and other related flaws. The Problem: You wear the plus size dresses and still want to look slender. The Solution: You should try on gowns that fit because oversized dresses can make you even larger than you actually are. The vertical stripes, laces and other elements may make your body much more proportional. Try also to focus on the smallest part of your waist (even it is close to the bust); sometimes celebrities use this trick to look as if they have and hourglasses figure.

Nataya Tops with vertical element and Titanic inspired dresses will slim the silhouette and make the edges smoother.

 The Problem: Stooping and round backed silhouette. The Solution: Even if you're slender enough to wear any gown, you're droopy back may spoil the impression. Try to use turnover collars and try not to put close-fitting blouses and tops in your wardrobe. Upper part of your clothes should be made of light fabrics and have gathers on your back. The summer variant is the top or dress with V-neckline again gathering at your back. Use Nataya Tops and Dresses of green colors. Also you may discover Coats by Nataya because they have different unique elements on the back and unique collars. The Problem: You might call yourself a slender person if not for your heavy upper torso. The Solution: Even though nowadays this may be called the standard for many Hollywood Celebrities, they still use tricks to hide this flaw (take, for example, Catherine Zeta-Jones). You can use these tricks too: try tops and blouses with ruffles, gathers and tucks. Also your problem may be solved using dolman sleeves. V-neck tops with details on the waist (a vintage belt or vintage nipped-in dress) will make your upper silhouette look slimmer. Wide legged pants or air skirts also slim the upper half of the body. Many Tops by Nataya have ruffles, gathers and other unique vintage upper details. tops for apple-shaped ladies and heavy torso

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