The vintage dresses for the ladies over 50

by Karen

Many ladies over 50 believe they can hardly find something worthy to be worn to a formal or wedding affair. This stereotype was born because of high fashion runway shows where very extraordinary gowns with feathers sequins etc are presented. Nevertheless, the chaos on most runways shows may serve as a hint to stop and think: what you really want and what silhouette really fit you fine! Sometimes your intuition may give you the perfect answer. However, here we’ll list several tips to find a perfect gown for the evening or wedding affair for ladies aged 45 and up. Along with startling collections there are many brands (including Nataya) that release perfect evening gowns for just about any age (25 to 70+) or just for elderly ladies. Cyberspace also “opens” cyber doors for ladies aged 45 and up. Some of the shops are narrowly focused (office style or evening gowns only), others offer a wider range of clothing lines starting with cocktail dresses and finishing with fitness essentials in velvet. Another word about fitness: if you really want to look perfect at your age you can follow the example of Ernestine Shepard. She really proved that at her age of 75 the granny of the bride or groom may look gorgeous and set the example for the next generation. You can start today it is not necessary to go in for bodybuilding like Ernestine, you can find your own way: tai-chi, yoga, aqua aerobics… The trick is this: you shouldn’t look in the mirror every day trying to find some immediate results, but you should enjoy every moment of your fitness hour. And then, a year or a half later, you will discover a new lady with similar features but a younger one that no plastic surgeon could have dreamed up. Enjoy the moments! Fortunately we’re living in present days when the microwave oven help you with art-deco courses or Victorian inspired dinners, thus, letting you have another hour for yourself! Anyways, I have ranted enough. Let’s start with the silhouettes. Most evening gowns tightly fit your figure, which is oftentimes not the best idea for ladies of age. Nevertheless, the first opinion to appear may be to wear shapeless garments. Please, forget this high fashion trend! They will make you look even older than your true age. A good idea however, will be to wear a corset as underwear, it may slim the overall silhouette. Don’t forget about the neck! This part cannot even be treated with plastic surgery, that’s why high collars or a closed neckline will be great. Nevertheless, you can wear dresses with closed necks or “neck-lined” dresses covered with lace or gauze, thus, you won’t look too old and at the same time won’t reveal the wrinkles. A lady may have slender legs at her ripe old age of 60. And this means she must wear items that focus on this part of her body. It doesn’t mean you should wear short dresses but giving your preference to dresses with slits or slit skirts is a good thing. Also elderly women may focus their preferences on bare back dresses. Such silhouettes as the 30’s inspired glam dresses or art-deco styled dresses will work like no others. Again, any lady over 50 should take into account not only the fashion of the dress but also the fabrics of the gown. Velvet oftentimes looks heavy and it may make you look even older visually. Rigid atlas, dark lace, dark chiffon will look perfect for the mothers of brides or grooms. Another factor when choosing the perfect gown for the parties may be the color: black is always classic yet it makes a lady older, let alone the acid-orange or neon-lime colors. The latter will make any dame look improper. The best colors to emphasize beauty and youth are peach, matt-rose, ash-rose, light beige, pale pistachio green, azure, lilac, lavender, tender-coral and other neutral colors. All these colors will go for these dresses or tops. And Mardi Gras inspired violet or green also have you look heavier and older. Definitely, you should choose a palette for your makeup according to the aforementioned pastel colors. It’s great but now any fashionista can pick up the perfect colors using virtual “imagemaker”. The two-layered dresses oftentimes look great on elderly ladies who have plump figures. If the colors of the layers match, it will fit most figures. Volumizing lace, bows, cords are not for your silhouettes. Oftentimes straight or flared trousers, ankle-high heeled shoes and light classic blouses look perfect on any lady. Wrapped, pencil or classic skirts may also go, remember the iconic Meryl Streep in “The Devil Wears Prada”. Later we will share with you our perfect ideas on how to look younger using the right hairstyles. But Meryl Streep is a truly good example of an iconic style over 50. Evening gowns in maxi or midi are the perfect choice for the lady in her 50’s-60’s. Even the cocktail dress in midi will do splendid! Remember: using shapewear is much better than choosing a XXL gown over fitted clothes. Most the women are used to making this mistake so remember: no shapeless garments! Forget about them! And, of course, you cannot do without a perfect clutch or a hat. They should always be made of the best and expensive fabrics. The midi or low heels will look perfect with the overall outfit, and you should also remember that platform shoes are not only terrible for the spine, but they also make you look vulgar. And now, here are some samples taken from the Nataya Collection that use all the tricks we listed here.
Flutter Sleeve Mother of the Bride dress

The flutter Sleeve Mother of the Bride dress.

New Titanic Dress in Periwinkle and Sage

The New Titanic Dress in Periwinkle and Sage.

Vintage Nataya Dress in Grass Green

The vintage Nataya Dress in Grass Green.

Nataya Aristocratic Vintage Dress

Nataya Aristocratic Vintage Dress.

Embroidery and frilled blousing set

The embroidery and frilled blousing set.

Wait! We completely forgot about the last tip: smile. SMILE! Whatever plastic surgeons may say, any smile will make a woman look more attractive and younger!

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