Vintage clothes for very petite ladies. The tips

by Karen

Every woman wants to look perfect, even if she is the Goddess of rock-n-roll. She wants to keep her style and catch the eyes with her outfit and personality. But when speaking about petite ladies, on one main problem quickly comes to mind, these gals do need to look taller than they actually are. One perfect decision is obvious: wear high heels. Nonetheless, this is not the only way out! Using the right clothes and accessories you can make your height look taller and even more slender. If you are a petite young lady you cannot do without vertical and “sharp” lines over your waistline. A shawl and surprise collars should be included in your list of “must haves”. 

(The Empire Vintage Evening Gown has sharp upper elements) V-neckline, blouses, throw opened coats, mufflers and long beads should be used for daily wear.

Titanic inspired Jackets with necklines

 (Titanic inspired Jackets with necklines)

You can add a couple of inches to your actual height by dawning dresses or sets with “Mandarin” or tuxedo style collars.

Violet Opera Coat by Nataya with tuxedo style collar

 (The violet Opera Coat by Nataya with tuxedo style collar)

If you dawn pants or palazzos (especially if you are very skinny) wear additional waistcoats, boleros, t-shirts, blouses which fall 1-2 inches below your waist line. If you cannot help but wear leggings, you should anyway use jackets, tunics and blouses that fall below than your hip line.

Blousing Jacket with vertical element and double V-style collars
 (The Blousing Jacket with vertical element and double V-style collars)

If your purchases lean toward a preference for classic blouses, please exchange them for blousons or blousing dresses. In other words, most of your clothes must fall below your waist line.

Bohemian Tops by Nataya
 (The Bohemian Tops by Nataya)

Sick and tired of your skinny body? It is of no use keeping a high calorie diet. A petite skinny lady can look normal using belts of the same color as her upper body fashion. This will add a couple of inches to your size for both body parameters and height. Nevertheless, if you have proportional and slender hips, wear a wide and elastic belt. It must be 1.5-2 inches below your waistline. If you have a blousing top, than this trick will make everybody think that your belt is right on your waist. If you are a big fan of chain styled belts or very delicate belts, wear them right on your hips, they will extend your body visually. If however, you have plump hips, then you do not need to put horizontal elements on the widest part of your body. It’s better to refuse using belts at all. Belts may make you prettier and more proportional but they may have quite the opposite effect if they are applied wrong.

Vintage fashion skirt

 If you want to diversify your wardrobe with new belts and accessories use black fitted trousers as a basis for trying them on. But if you plan to purchase belts for lighter clothes, use white fitted leggings. If the accessories make you look heavier or slimmer for these two colors, you should skip this purchase. Your accessory must look perfect on your black trousers for it to look perfect on your black skirt or dress in the period ahead. And once again, your belt must fit like a glove on your white leggings to be used on other light clothing. The pants are great on slender legs but do not shorten your legs by using apparel on your upper body that’s too long. Remember: the longer your upper part, the shorter your lower body! We do not doubt that using these simple pieces of advice, you will be able to find the perfect set even if shopping in cyberspace!

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