Uniting Your Bridesmaids

by Karen

We’ve studied the trendiest looks for bridesmaids from sources including Pinterest, Facebook, sought-after stylists and top fashion designers. We hope that all of our hard work pays off as you choose the style for the lovely ladies who stand with you on your big day.
Stay consistent with the overall theme of your wedding as you choose the style of bridesmaid dresses. For example, a 1940s style won’t complement a Gatsby-inspired bride. By the same token, classy mermaid style gowns for the bridesmaids will clash with a bride in a white beaded cocktail dress. Here are the classic and timeless wedding trends for bridesmaids.

Same Dresses, Same Colors

A common and unified look that has been tested and proven over the years, this choice has two drawbacks to consider. Whichever color you choose must suit every single bridesmaid’s hair color, body figure and skin tone. The other factor is that it seems like everyone has already used this safe look, making it a big boring. You want your wedding to be unique and memorable. So, for our traditionalists out there, you can pull this off beautifully. However, for some of you, this simply won’t do. Keep reading.
Vintage inspired dress for bridesmaids

Same Color, Different Style

Different gown styles made from the same color and fabric look phenomenal. Take care to choose the exact same and fabric to ensure uniformity in your photo shoots. This could be difficult, as some styles just won’t work with certain types of fabric. For this option, you’ll want to order your dresses from the same shop. Check out the huge selection at wardrobeshop.com. Can’t find what you like? Etsy.com offers varying styles in the same color with tailoring options.
Vintage bridesmaids gowns

Ombré Effect

The ombré effect has become very popular for both dresses and hair colors. It will look splendid if you have more than 4 or 5 bridesmaids. The bridesmaids need to choose the same dress but in different colors, very close in palette. The bride in a white dress will stand out well among such bridesmaids.
5 bridesmaids colors dresses

Fantasy Effect

The stylists just love this look, which is done with different fabrics, different accessories and different styles but all in the same colors. And just to heighten the appeal, give your bridesmaids identical bouquets.

Fantasy Effect ruby bridesmaids dress

Printed Dresses

Many people consider printed dresses to be a new trend, when in fact, they were one of the first bridesmaid styles. Now, dresses with marine or abstract prints are just as lovely as floral. Just be sure to keep the prints flowing with your wedding theme.
Printed Dresses for bridesmaids

Identical Blouses, Skirts, or Pants

If you want to save some money, opt for matching blouses, skirts, or pants for your bridesmaids. The rest of the outfit can be different if you’d like. This new trend spares the headache of trying to ensure that everyone matches perfectly according to their unique skin tone and body type.
Identical Blouses, Skirts, or Pants
Pick up your matching blouses, skirts, or palazzos right here at wardrobeshop.com. By the way, our stylist mentioned that choosing the same pieces in differing colors is another fun option that can be paired with the appropriate season.

A Few Additional Tips

- Correlate the dresses with the theme and decorations of your wedding. In other words, a marine palette won’t go well with pastel mint, nude, or lavender colors.
- Take into account the body figures of your bridesmaids to achieve a flattering look.
- Accessorize your bridesmaids. Wide brimmed hats, identical bouquets, or matching jewelry can tie together the look of your bridesmaids, even if they wear different dresses.
- Your bridesmaids can save you money if they find the same color or palette, such as with the ombré effect, from their own closets!
Unite the look of your ladies as you unite your heart with your man!

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