Unique Vintage: Gothic Inspired Gowns for Fall

by Karen

To most of us, Fall means gloomy rainy days coupled with a melancholy mood. Maybe that is why some people associate Fall time with gothic style. Halloween was also inspired by such weather. With that in mind, nothing goes better with fall weather than gothic inspired vintage gowns. To most of us, Gothic means gloomy, dark and hard-to-understand gowns. But this is another stereotype which Red Carpeteers have done a good job destroying. Thanks to certain fabulous people who you may know, Gothic vintage clothes are no longer more gloomy but luxurious and elegantly dark. We chose the best elegantly dark ideas by Nataya to share with you here. Let us introduce the Bohemian Fur Collar Coat as a brilliant idea for any gothic occasion in the Fall. It reminds us of the good old times of Sherlock Holmes and can be worn with any kind of Fall vintage apparel.

Gothic vintage coat

Another gothic idea is the Victorian Frilled Spanish Style Skirt in black. Coupling the skirt with the Black Lace Victorian Top will form a perfect set for a Gothic wedding or a luxurious restaurant.

Victorian Frilled Spanish Style Skirt in black

Who said that Gothic, especially gothic weddings are gloomy and that bride should be dressed in black colors? Here are some ideas for gothic weddings without the pure black classic gothic tendency. The bestseller among all gothic inspired vintage wedding dresses is definitely the Black Swan Wedding Dress. The Swan like chest line make even a flat bust line a little bit larger.

Another idea for any alternative bride is the Empire Doll Dress. Elegant contrast between nude color and black transparency make any outfit especially languishing.  This classic tulle dress with soutache embroidery is another extreme idea for the bride who isn’t afraid of making everybody die… of envy.

Another bestseller among Gothic inspired vintage dresses for weddings is Titanic Inspired Dress in Black. Victorian era tea length styles will do well for both, tall and petite girls. Soutache embroidery will complete the extremely luxurious gothic outfit.

We ourselves think the following alternative wedding dress a precious pearl of the Nataya Collection. The vintage Inspired Ballerina Dress in dirty pink and nude black will match any bride of any age. This is the very Gothic style that will never make you look older than your ages and despite the black colors it will remain luxurious.

Gothic vintage ballerina dress

Another Vintage Inspired gothic idea for all Fall season occasions is the Dark Sensuality Top which is extremely popular both among youngsters and ladies over 30. Vertical elements and semi-batwing sleeves make this stunning top look very chic, expensive and mysterious.

 Those of you who prefer expensive and luxurious look will definitely love the Opera Coat by Nataya. Wearing this coat, will give an air look splendid allure, not to mention, infusing the outfit under your coat with a gothic flare. This coat has one secret however, the collar is very flattering on ladies with a round back as well as give you an hourglasses figure.

Opera Coat by Nataya

Do not be scared to experiment a bit and try on various Gothic Vintage gowns. Many celebrities use this track from time to time, making movie critics and movie-goers alike burst with delight…

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