Unique Vintage Dresses by Nataya for Homemade Winter Holidays

by Karen

Even though we may quarrel with our mothers and sisters the rest of the year, we always come home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, much like drops of water return to their life source—the ocean.  Enough of this philosophical thinking—let’s take a look at the most prominent winter dresses Nataya has designed especially for homemade affairs. We've picked the bestselling dresses of the past three collections by this fabulous designer. The first dress on our list is the Ash-Pleated Dress by Nataya. This inimitable silhouette by the California-based designer evokes memories of the début balls of the early 1920s, the so-called La Belle Époque. The silhouette was inspired by the beautiful epochs of the Empire period, and the style is especially good for vintage-inspired ladies aged 15–35.
Ash-Pleated Dress by Nataya
Up next is Nataya’s Titanic Dress in gun and metallic colors. This style from the fabulous designer is just what the doctor ordered for mothers of the bride or groom as the best apparel to emphasize the romantic line during engagement evenings. This style is also great for the hostess of the affair.
Nataya’s Titanic Dress in gun and metallic
The best dress styled after Old Hollywood will look excellent on every gal aged 25 and older. Just pick the right makeup and hairstyle, and you will look not only youthful but also wise, sexy and attractive. Heels of medium length are the shoes most people recommend for accompanying this beautiful dress.
Old Hollywood black
For younger gals, we offer the following Art Nouveau dress as the most workable style. It contains juvenile notes of light ivory, but, at the same time, the apparel is covered with glamorous black transparent lace that makes the silhouette really catchy.
Art Nouveau dress in black
When it comes to Thanksgivings or homemade winter weddings, we are glad to present you another newcomer to Nataya’s collection—the Ash/Appliqué Two-Piece Set. This set is perfect for mothers of the bride or groom who want to look younger. The light silver and beige shades of the set emphasize the natural hues of your personality, and they go especially well with shoes of any color.
Ash/Appliqué Two-Piece Set
If you are the mother of a grown-up daughter or son and you insist on a more vivid color and brighter shades, Nataya is also at your service. This beautiful pink dress will take approximately ten years off of your appearance and still keep you looking like a mother and wife. Please, notice that this is the model of Nataya’s spring collection, and if you want something really warm, you need to don this splendid style.
Beautiful pink dress
The next style is really versatile for women of any age as well as most figure types. The beige nude color and the silhouette inspired by the art deco period are best for the following types of events held in the home. • family dinners • engagements • birthdays of grown-up daughters or sons • homemade weddings • Christmas events • vintage-style parties among friends styled that reflect the Roaring Twenties and the Prohibition era. Beige always keeps you looking your real age when you are young, and it makes you look younger and fresher if you are more mature. Put on a long string of pearls, and you will complete this Gatsby-style look. Also, we cannot help but finish our ideas for family holidays with the following bestselling styles. Nataya’s Empire Dresses in lavender or berry is great for ladies who want to look younger or who wish to emphasize their natural beauty. The style is just right for Thanksgiving Day and other holiday family dinners.
Nataya’s Empire Dresses in lavender
Nataya’s Empire Dresses in berry
Let's embrace the best of our family heritage and keep the warm atmosphere among us! Happy winter holidays!

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