Top Vintage Ideas for Halloween Party

by Karen

Fall always made our ancestors scared of the deadly but beautiful nature. They wore gowns and costumes to scare away unwelcome spirits and souls of the dead. Nowadays however, those who celebrate Halloween try not to scare but to attract. Many vintage inspired dresses by Nataya can be costumes for glamorous and luxurious Halloween Parties. That’s why we gathered just a few classical ideas for the fest. The gowns below have been taken from different collections and grouped by styles. Dark Night Fairy. This classical style for Halloween can be created by wearing Black Lace Top and Chiffon Skirt from Nataya Collection. Any makeup can be applied to this style.

Black Lace Top

 Undine. The girl from German epos became extra popular among long haired ladies recently. No need to do the hair in a special way. Makeup can be done by applying just a light tone. The most suitable dress for this style is definitely New Vintage Inspired Titanic Gown.

Vintage Inspired Titanic Gown in grey

Witch. The witch style itself is the classic Halloween genre. There can be different variations of the costume: with and without hats, with long and extra short dresses. You can even be a vintage inspired witch by dawning the Black Empire Gown.

witch inspired gown vintage style

Forest Fairy. Halloween time is also the time for those who are just mad about tales of fantasy. Irish inspired style can be created using Vintage Inspired Short Nataya Dress. This light green dress will look splendid on a red-headed gal with green eyes.

Vintage Inspired Short Nataya Dress

 The ones who do not care much for green colors can use Short Blue Nataya Dress.

Short Blue Nataya Dress

Victorian Inspired Princess Gown. Can Halloween party do without a princess? You can find many different romantic gowns for a sexy princess outfit. The most impressive one may be the Red Carpet Dress of Fuchsia Color.

Red Carpet Dress of Fuchsia Color

Addams’ Family Style. Apart from all ghosts and fairy beauties there may be the Addams’ family outfit of Morticia Addams. Wearing 20’s Inspired Tango Black or Red Dresses you can boast with your best Halloween style.

20’s Inspired Tango Red Dresses

 Little Elfin Fairy. Petite style of the Fairy can be created using Lavender Babydoll Dress. Light evening makeup of lavender and pearl colors along with accessories like wings may complete the chosen outfit.

vintage inspired fairy dress

Dracula’s Bride. She is not a vampire yet not a human being anymore. She attracts with her freshness and, at the very same time, deadly stunning beauty. The most suitable colors for the chosen role are black and red. You can discover Red-n-Black Lace Dress by Nataya. Applying light tones and rouging lips, you can give the costume more attraction and be the star of your Vintage Inspired Halloween Party.

Vintage Inspired Halloween Party

 Lady Vampire. The very vamp style to make anyone unable to resist you! This style has been already mentioned as one of Lady Vamp’s styles.

halloween lady vamp vintage style

Nataya Romantic Gowns are a real godsend for those who want to shine at any Halloween (and not only Halloween) Party! Happy Halloween!

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