The Top Ten Nataya Dresses for Summer Tea Weddings

by Karen

Tea weddings never seem to be out of fashion. These themed weddings may be costly or affordable depending on decorations, number of guests and, definitely, the wedding dress. Tea wedding dresses (sometimes confused with tea-length dresses) can be called vintage romantic dresses in airy fabrics. It’s unnecessary for all these dresses to be tea-length (ankle and semi-ankle length). They may be knee-length and, sometimes, over-the-knee-length. Still, all these dresses, regardless of the tea-length or knee-length should give the flair of domesticity and slow-and-regular tea drinking. If you think of the atmosphere of the five o’clock tea, Victorian crème-de-la-crème tea parties or even events inspired by Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, you definitely have the right idea of a tea-themed wedding. Some couples prefer home gardens for their wedding, and they do not even hire wedding singers. A vintage touch can be achieved in this case if a gramophone with old vinyl tunes is used to play the main wedding melodies. Some couples, on the contrary, prefer the true luxury of Victorian-inspired times. In these cases, couples use old cedillas or carriages, luxurious tablecloths, snacks such as caviar or English pastries, and so on. Some Nataya dresses, such as dresses from the Titanic Line are truly versatile. They may look both modest and luxurious depending on the décor of the wedding lodge. Some of the styles should be worn for special tea weddings depending on the atmosphere and other conditions. So, let’s have a look at the most highly recommended Nataya dresses for tea weddings: The newcomer to the Nataya Summer collection is the pink wedding dress in Victorian style. It is rather modest, but the white variation of the style looks more luxurious.

Rose Nataya Dress

The following Vintage-Style Dress by Nataya may be really versatile depending on the trend of your tea wedding affair. Please notice that this style is knee-length and mostly available for plus sizes.
Vintage-Style Dress by Nataya
Vintage-Style Dress by Nataya in mauve
The Vintage-Style Lace Dresses in sapphire or light beige definitely look modest and sometimes even bohemian. So, if you plan to wear modest apparel, modest hair-waves and a modest wreath made of garden flowers, you will appear truly romantic and domestic as a bride.
Vintage-Style Lace Dresses
Vintage-Style Lace Dresses in sapphire
Nataya’s Vintage Wedding Gown in ivory is the special budget-friendly option for tea brides who wish to look really luxurious. A string of pearls or birdcage veil will appear really luxurious when it is worn with the aforementioned apparel.
Vintage Wedding Gown in ivory
The Antique Ivory Wedding Dress is another summer option for tea brides. This dress goes well with modest tea parties, but you may also don it for a more sensual tea wedding party. In this case, make sure you have picked up luxurious but not gaudy jewelry and accessories.
Antique Ivory Wedding Dress
As we have mentioned before, the Nataya Vintage Titanic-Era Dress looks both modest and chic depending on the atmosphere of your tea wedding and the accessories you pair with it.


Nataya Vintage Titanic-Era Dress


The new Summer Dress by Nataya also enhances the look of modesty, so it is a great choice for brides who dislike too many accessories, too many guests and enormous parties even though they still wish to look neat and catching.
Summer Dress by Nataya
Informal Wedding Dresses by Nataya in ivory or pink, on the contrary, are the best styles for luxurious tea wedding ceremonies. This model recalls the Victorian era, and you may pair this apparel with a pricey broche or a string pearls.
Informal Wedding Dresses by Nataya in ivory
Informal Wedding Dresses by Nataya in Pink
The Antique-Styled Nataya dress looks art-deco inspired, and that means it was released for the brides who love luxury.
Antique-Styled Nataya dress art-deco inspired

Finally, we are glad to introduce the most perfect and offbeat idea by Nataya for tea or garden weddings. This style looks both luxurious and modest depending on the accessories and surrounding atmosphere. This dress looks really romantic, so choose your size today!

Tea or garden weddings dresses in ivory

 We wish you marvelous tea weddings this summer!

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