The Top Nataya Bestsellers for Retro Fall Parties

by Karen

How do you feel about Old Hollywood style? Or the glam Bohemian styles when you, in a perfect pose, are lying on the pillows that recall the pillows of oriental gals or Spanish gypsy designs? Or, maybe, you love good Old Victorian times, the homemade parties when the whole family gathers?

Whatever your answers to these questions are, you can be sure that Nataya’s style and dresses will always live up to your expectations.
Here we have listed the most viewed and bestselling dresses available via that are suitable for vintage- and romantic-styled parties this fall. All the listed dresses are the bestsellers in their particular line by Nataya.
So now, enjoy our fall runway:
First, let us start with the apparel inspired by Old Hollywood. The new violet and mauve sets by Nataya are just begging for you to ear them the glam 1930s–1940s parties inspired by Old Hollywood. You may pair the deep violet bolero by Nataya with either palazzo pants or a long-length skirt—everything is up to your taste!
Violet and mauve dress by Nataya
This new collection by Nataya is named Old Hollywood Style, and it really mirrors the look of Old Hollywood divas. Just have a glimpse at the two-piece set in black, and you will get the flair of silent movies!
Old Hollywood Style in black
The Carmen Dress in plum is just perfect for the femme fatale! The dress makes any woman look really aristocratic and passionate. This model is especially good for ladies with slender legs, a narrow chest and wide hips. If that describes your figure, you won’t regret choosing the Carmen Dress!
Carmen Dress in plum
The black/cocoa dress by Nataya that was designed especially for the fall Titanic Line is also be suitable for parties in the theme of Old Hollywood, silent movies or the Victorian era.
Black/cocoa dress by Nataya
The Titanic Dress in mauve will play a chief role in your party masterpiece. The home atmosphere of Thanksgiving parties, like none other, is a perfect match for the silhouette of the Titanic Dress in mauve by Nataya.
Titanic Dress in mauve by nataya
The new tea-length Titanic Dress in mauve and cocoa/chocolate are favorites for ladies who are over the age of 30. Find your color and Titanic design, and make your purchase now! Otherwise, it will be too late, and not all sizes and colors will be available, as the Titanic Line by Nataya has always been her “most wanted” signature line.
Titanic Dress in  cocoa/chocolate
Planning the real empire-inspired party in the style of modern Jane Austen times? If the answer is yes, you will love the new fall model by Nataya — 40124 Ash Pleated Fairy Nataya Dress.
Nataya Ash Pleated Fairy Nataya Dress
If you plan a pre-wedding party in retro style or one inspired by Old Hollywood, you cannot do without the new knee-length dress by Nataya.
Knee-length dress by Nataya
What is more important is that all these dresses are really versatile to the age and style of the party.
Do you insist on a Bohemian-style party and a suitable dress without seams, zippers or any other fashion restrictions? You cannot help but wear the new Nataya Bohemian Dress in red or blue. Choose your color and style—these dresses will be up to Bohemian rooms and retro-Boho receptions.
We wish you really romantic fall!

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