Tips on wedding dresses for pregnant brides

by Karen

Pregnant women are beautiful and deserve the most elegant dresses in which their rounded tummy will look beautiful. On a day as special as a wedding day, future mothers should be beautiful, feel comfortable and delight all the people around. And we would like to take the time to offer some advice for them. Wedding dress should not only be comfortable but it should also be one that you love and one that fits you perfectly. Do not try to tighten the belly because it is your centerpiece, your pride, because that is where your baby rests comfortably! constricting gown is not what you need, in part because it can potentially be harmful to the baby. You should choose bright light flying silhouettes without a strongly pronounced waist line. Look at the vintage style dresses of the 1920-1930. Loose styles, simple elegant lines and light fabrics, that is what you need. Try to avoid ball gowns, especially with tiny details such as multiple frills, bows, buttons and lace inserts as they will add weigh to your figure. You need a clean simple vintage style without a corset or fluffy skirt. If you have beautiful legs, they are certainly worth showcasing with a short casual dress. And gorgeous shoulders should be shown with an open top and a free flowing skirt. Do not hide your body!  If you‘re in the early stages of your pregnancy and have become just a little more curvy without the belly being visible yet, you should look at dresses with inflated waistlines. This style allows the figure to appear thinner. In general, A-line gowns are suitable for pregnant women because of their narrow shoulders, inflated waistline and bell-bottom skirt. In this case the main accent focuses on shoulders and it allows for creating a clean, flowing silhouette line. The Empire style wedding dresses traditionally remains the most popular among pregnant brides. In this type of gown, the waist is raised up to the level of the bust. Remember Josephine at sophisticated French balls? This style is universal, and can be worn even after the birth of your child. Sleeveless wedding dresses reinforce the impression of clean simple lines, but beware that cup sleeves can add weight to your figure. A large V-shaped neckline can accentuates your bust and make you look more slender. A special bra could help to emphasize the beauty of the enlarged bust during pregnancy. A pregnant woman glows with a special energy, and you should not suppress it with shiny fabrics. Also try to avoid materials like crepe and jersey, as well as heavy velvets. For the pregnant bride about to be wed, it is better to use light flying matte fabrics and muted colors, the ivory will be perfect. It is better not to use large accessories as they could only clutter the elegant attire. But a string of pearls or a pendant with subdued precious stones will beautifully accentuate your neck. As for shoes, choose an elegant low-heeled pair. Your shoes should be comfortable, remember, you will be standing in them for hours! If you are pregnant, it's not a reason to save money and look for a dress only at discount stores. For example you can buy a splendid glamorous gown in the romantic vintage style of the twenties and thirties. A gown such as this will perfectly hide your tummy at the wedding party, and would also come with the extra benefit of fitting you after birth. A wedding dress should be comfortable, and you should love it. And remember, you are beautiful and adorable!

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