Tips for the Best Genre Wedding Photos

by Karen

Wedding photos are basic parts of family memories — memories that will continue to generate warm feelings between spouses during their lives. That’s why you should carefully take into account a photographer who will emphasize your couple’s style. Most couples today do not prefer a classic style for their wedding photos, but they prefer rather unusual or retro shots. Such uniqueness becomes apparent during the process of taking pictures and can be seen later when you are looking at the final photos.
Vintage wedding dress in ivory

We offer tested advice regarding wedding photo shoots in retro style, on choosing a professional photographer, tricks for photo shoot poses and more. Let’s focus on the process of shooting and the perfect gowns for retro photo shoots from the recent Nataya collections: First, couples should agree on the background for the photo shoot, and they should also agree with their photographer on the basic color line of the photo shoot. The possible color lines may include sepia, black and white, white, beige, pastel, blue, cyan, green, colorful, pink and others. Certainly, your dress should not “dissolve” in the colors of the background. On the contrary, your apparel should keep the color line. You should also agree on some poses for genre photo shoots. Such shots will be used as the main style for the overall photo album or the printed photo book. The theme of the wedding line also influences the overall colors of the photo shoot. A Gothic photo shoot may be colorful with darker and gloomy backgrounds, whereas Edwardian, Titanic or Victorian inspired wedding dresses may come out perfect on sepia or semi-colorful/semi-sepia shots. The 1920s style of apparel and the art deco or Prohibition restaurant style of wedding lodge may be great if some shots are made in sepia. The glam 1930s will come out splendid on black-and-white shots. The 1940s style photos and pinup 1950s photos will come out splendid in the watercolor-styled shots that were popular in the magazines of the period. If the newly married couple plans to organize a retro wedding photo shoot and all pictures are kept in one common retro style, the photographer won’t have to make extra efforts. On the other hand, retro effects may be re-animated during the original ceremony if the photographer uses special lenses and then adds additional Photoshop effects to each shot made during the ceremony. You may still need some extra photo essentials during any photo shoot. The weather may be unpredictable, and the skin of the bride may be too glossy, or the wedding lodge may not have good exposure to the light. Without question, the background plays the most significant role in the overall composition. If you plan walking along some themed places, you may have better photo shoots. Additionally, the wedding reception styled for the chosen line will also help significantly. You will also have to organize the wedding cortege, wedding lodge and other details for the ceremony. We have ideas on about 25 different vintage and retro weddings. You may check them in our last post: “The Best Vintage Inspired Ideas for Weddings: A Romantic St. Valentine’s Wedding Theme.”
Vintage Inspired Dress for Weddings
Given this advice, it may seem that you have to work exceptionally hard to get the photos of your dreams. It is not so. Yes, keeping the chosen line and style of wedding may require a concerted effort, but unusual and unique photos make such effort worth it. So, if you are starving for a certain themed wedding, the efforts may end up being the most fun you will ever have in your life!
Vintage long dress in white
Finally, it is not hard to choose the wedding dress of your dreams, especially if you have decided which wedding line is most preferable. We want to find the best wedding dresses for your photo shoot. In next post, we’ll share some color tips for your chosen style of dress.

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