Thorn Birds Inspired Dresses by Nataya

by Karen

Do you remember the ash-rose dress that Rachel Ward wore in The Thorn Birds? Of course you do! The movie beautifully presented days gone by and the beauty of the vintage era. Thus, it is not surprising that we still remember the beautiful fashion of the ash-rose dress that was on Meggie Cleary on the day she reached full maturity.
The beautiful design had no unnecessary details and was so popular that even after the movie was released in 1983, many a lady has wanted the same silhouette or the same dress color for formal events, retro parties, bridal showers or even her wedding. can help you turn your desire for such a dress into reality, for we carry the largest collection of vintage dresses that recall the style of Meggie's legendary apparel.
Let us consider the most prominent dresses in Nataya's collection:
The Empire-Style Dress is a beautiful design by Nataya that is fit for the ash color of the dress. The dress is great for bridal showers, wedding breakfasts or bridesmaids’ apparel.
Empire-Style Dress design by Nataya
The vintage-style Wedding Dress by Nataya recalls precisely the signature flutter-sleeve dress that Meggie wore. This is another great dress for a vintage-inspired wedding party.
Vintage-style Wedding Dress by Nataya
Another flutter-sleeve dress is the vintage-style Wedding Dress by Nataya in wedding laces. You are in luck if you are looking for styles and silhouettes that evoke memories of The Godfather or the signature design of Meggie — her same line and wide-brimmed hats — because you have found the right style to convey this era at your party.
Wedding Dress by Nataya in wedding laces
If you desire a design that has been transformed but want the same ash-rose color, we recommend that you don the 40126 Dress by Nataya. This inimitable one-piece set will also evoke the nostalgia of Old Hollywood or other world masterpieces.
Vintage Dress by Nataya
The Tango Dress by Nataya features the exact design as Meggie's dress but in a color that is quite different. This model is perfect for bridal shower parties in the style of Old Hollywood or The Thorn Birds.
Tango Dress by Nataya in red
The Great Gatsby Dress will look splendid every lady regardless of her biological age. The style of the dress also evokes memories of the late 1920s and early 1940s, whereas the color will make any bride look younger and vivid.
Great Gatsby Dress in ivory
The Titanic Dress in mauve looks stunning on brides, mothers of the bride and bridesmaids during open-air wedding parties. The color of the dress will definitely stand out among the red, orange, yellow and green foliage, and it will emphasize the style of wedding, whether it is inspired by Old Hollywood or the Neo-Victorian era.
Titanic Dress in mauve
If you are a petite lady and insist on wearing something truly airy that reminds you of the silk dress that Maggie wore, you will love the Vintage-Style Dress by Nataya in sage. But unfortunately is has been sold out recently.
Vintage-Style Dress by Nataya in sage
We wish for you to make the greatest masterpiece impression when you buy Nataya dresses in the vintage style.

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