Ten New Vintage-Style Dresses by Nataya

Ten New Vintage-Style Dresses by Nataya
Some of these models are already available on wardrobeshop.com. The others are coming soon, but we accept pre-orders!
We are presenting ten of the best ideas in vintage-style dresses by Inga Nataya for the upcoming spring season. You can order each model by price and style. Let’s get started! This lavender/beige Empire dress is already available for purchase, just in time for early spring events. The color and design perfectly complement any young bridesmaid’s vintage look.

Empire Dress

The new Titanic dresses in silver and ivory are splendid vintage designs suitable for informal or second weddings. Select a darker shade for a more formal affair.
We have already mentioned this model as a stunning retro look for marine-inspired occasions. The turquoise Empire dress in a short length will waltz you through spring formals and black-tie evenings in style.

embire baby doll dress in blue

The next Victorian-style, neo-vintage dress must be pre-ordered. This versatile color looks splendid on mothers of the brides over 40, with a shade that adds a youthful glow to its stylish lines. It also looks fabulous on those young brides who originally inspired this Nataya design. Add a long string of pearls to bring out the 1920s details of this retro dress for a night on the town.


The next airy design by Inga Nataya is both an inspirational bridal style and a great bridesmaid’s dress option. Saturated with rich color, this dress brings out the beauty of those with deep fall or light spring color types.

This new vintage-style, breezy dress for weddings would pair perfectly with a lovely Victorian-style hat and retro lace booties. Add an old-fashioned Victorian lace parasol to complete this richly retro look. You can draw added inspiration from vintage photos and museum prints for a truly authentic effect.

This antique, versatile dress by Nataya makes a beautiful centerpiece in a retro-inspired wedding. You may see it as the bridal gown you’ve always wanted, or you may visualize it as a fabulous bridesmaids’ dress. It could be worn after the wedding to a glamorous 30s-themed event. Younger girls might see it as the ultimate prom gown. This design is the perfect style for any number of occasions.

The following stylish vintage dress will be available on March 30th. You can plan ahead by selecting the shoes and accessories that complement it best. The ivory/tea option is a natural for bridal wear, while the deeper color makes a breathtaking statement when worn by mothers of the bride and mothers of the groom.

The tulip dresses are quite contemporary styles that incorporate vintage design details. Nataya has chosen tender peach and warm ivory tones as optimum selections for weddings and formal events.

The new Nataya ready-to-wear top designs make a contemporary fashion statement that gives you the look of a magazine model. They are pretty and perfect for a variety special spring occasions.

Your maid of honor will love Nataya’s vintage-style dress in fuchsia. The vivid color instills this design with passion and tenderness that is irresistibly feminine. Hawaiian hibiscus as a hair ornament adds a tropical flavor that perfectly accents a beach wedding. She will have plenty of occasions after your ceremony to wear this lovely style, whether to an intimate dinner or social events, so it is a very budget-conscious option.

The new collection by Nataya is full of whimsical and breathtaking designs that add unique flair to retro-inspired, alternative weddings as well as other special occasions where retro is always in style. Brides, maids of honor, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride, mothers of the groom, and anyone else who loves vintage style dresses will appreciate Nataya’s uniquely contemporary retro clothing.

Order your selections today before everyone else does!

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