Ten New Vintage-Style Dresses for Bridesmaids by Nataya

by Karen

We have already brought you many descriptions of the new arrivals at wardrobeshop.com, but now we would like to introduce an important new collection of bridesmaids dresses called “The Mermaid’s Treasure.” 

spring 2012 dresses for bridesmaids

The dizzy styles by Nataya have already established their claim to fame in the alternative, retro-inspired bridal fashion industry, but the Nataya brand also offers a wealth of styles for mothers of the brides and maids of honor as well. The Mermaid’s Treasure collection includes a variety of tender designs that will array an entire entourage of young bridesmaids and maids of honor in edgy, vintage style. So what are the main ideas for alternative maids of honor and attendants in retro-inspired weddings? Glad you asked! The “Empire dress” in Charcoal/Berry is already available. This vintage empire dress by Nataya looks great on gals with dark or auburn hair. We recommend an up do hairstyle or a flapper-style bobbed cut to show off the shoulder line of this style to perfection. Lavender is one of Nataya’s signature shades that she has used in such bestselling styles as her almost sold-out Romance dress. We expect the Empire retro maid of honor dress to be just as popular

. Empire Dress


Also available from The Mermaid’s Treasure collection, the Empire Doll dress is a stunning statement in turquoise. You will love the way that the sexy lines of the Empire style merge with the innocence of blue-green shadows for an entirely captivating look. Hints of flapper-inspired design provide vintage overtones while the empire waistline is a variation on the 20s-inspired, dropped waist theme.

bridesmaids dresses in retro style

Soon the Nataya pearl/pink vintage style gown, designed with neo-Victorian details, will be available in plus sizes. Initially this medium-length dress was intended as a wedding gown for alternative brides, but we find that with its traditional length and color options, the neo-Victorian style is just as popular a choice for bridesmaids and maids of honor in retro-themed weddings.

The next fuchsia model is available by pre-order only! As you can see from its fabulous style and color, this vibrant vintage dress will look splendid on all bridesmaids over 20. The overall silhouette is very versatile and you can emphasize the epoch effect with your choice of shoes and hairstyle. This dress compliments brunette hair shades and picks up the contrasts in highlighted hair.

The following style simply begs to be worn to marine events. For the seaside wedding or marine-themed wedding, this Nataya design provides the perfect, antique-style accompaniment. It makes a lovely, fluid statement against an ocean backdrop.

Like some brides, you may prefer your maids of honor to wear dresses in longer lengths. This choice is especially effective if you have chosen a short or midi-length bridal gown, but the traditional, full-length look for everyone is also nice. In any case, we offer a longer-length mermaid gown for bridal attendants. This vintage design brings out each young woman’s beauty regardless of hair color or hairstyle.

Another fuchsia model? Another success! The fuchsia 40130 Nataya dress is a passionate, retro and very feminine style. We recommend pairing this lovely design with accessories that complement the hair color and hairstyle of each of your bridesmaids. Large flowers in fuchsia, pink or raspberry are great choices.


Some sizes of the next Downton Abbey Tea Party Gown in Antique Silver are available now. If you are planning a Victorian-inspired event but your bridesmaids insist on wearing only short lengths, this is the perfect option. You won’t regret it!

Upper waist issues? Nataya’s skillful designs bring out the beauty in plus-size figures. The next vintage style dress in rose/ecru makes a tempting, stylish statement in any size. Cultivating the flavor of a vintage English garden, this pretty colorful model is a perfect fit in a retro outdoor wedding.


Rosette skirts and ballerina dresses are among Inga Nataya’s most popular designs. The following two sets reflect her vintage-inspired ballet styling at its best. In shades of mint, these ballerina sets suggest cooler days and marine settings, while in traditional pink they add élan to garden or Victorian/Edwardian inspired ceremonies.

ballerina vintage sets

With all the details you must attend to when planning your perfect retro wedding, don’t forget that your bridesmaids dresses play a significant role in the overall style of your event. Be happy!

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