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by Karen

Many of the best styles by Nataya have sold out recently, but we are continuing to stock the models below, which can be called true Nataya’s true bestsellers.
Best styles dress by Nataya
These models are waiting for happy wearers who adore Nataya’s inimitable style. If you are keen on Old Hollywood, Victorian traditions or dresses that evoke the styles of the Roaring Twenties, we are highlighting the following Nataya models just for you! So, let’s begin: If you plan vintage- or romantic-styled formals this summer and your location experiences cooler weather, especially in the evenings, you will love this dress. It is ideal for true romantic formals, first dates or bridesmaids’ wear. So, you may love the Artisan Dress by Nataya.
Vintage style artisan dress by Nataya
The new prominent and versatile dress by Nataya is definitely her 2012 Silver Dress. If you wear it for a date, you may pair it with stiletto heels to make yourself look look taller and more slender. If you plan to wear it to a wedding, you may wear midi heels or even no heels at all. Believe us, this model may hide even the tiny belly of pregnant brides. If you dress all your bridesmaids in this style, you will create a true mermaid wedding that is especially great for beach wedding ceremonies.
Prominent and versatile dress by Nataya
Another idea for formal occasions is the Baroque-Styled Dress in tea length, which is still waiting for its happy owner. The model is great for summer formals in cool regions such as Canada or New Zealand, and you may be sure that this is the best dress for many bridesmaids. You can be the first to purchase this really prominent and offbeat model by Nataya.
Baroque-Styled Dress in tea length
The Art-Deco-Styled Gown by Nataya recalls memories of the glam of the 1920s. This decade was truly “roaring,” but there were aristocracy and bourgeoisie individuals who, in their turn, inspired many styles and trends. If you want to experience that inimitable flair, you would do well to purchase this dress.
Art-Deco-Styled Gown by Nataya
Definitely, the most celebrated styles by Nataya are her Titanic-inspired gowns. Although many of these dresses are sold out, there are still some perfect models for you. Let us introduce the best vintage style top by Nataya – the Titanic Styled Top in gold. If you do not know what to pair your palazzos with, you may don this ideal, palazzo-complementing top.
Palazzo-complementing top
As Mika used to sing, big gals, you are beautiful. We aim to please you through dresses fit for your figure type, and there are still models by Nataya for you. The next romantic-style gown by Nataya is available in all plus sizes. So hurry up, this may be this is your true wedding gown.
Romantic-style gown by Nataya
Lovers and admirers of gothic styles, retro dresses, dresses inspired by Coco Chanel and dramatic stresses in the tradition of Old Hollywood have options as well. Regular sizes of Nataya’s Tulle Dresses in black are available and waiting for you.
Nataya’s Tulle Dresses in black
One of the most prominent dresses by Nataya is definitely the art-deco-inspired “Black Swan Dress”. This style stands out as the true Nataya dress. If you plan a cocktail party that evokes the era of Prohibition or an art-deco-styled wedding, you may be sure that this is the right gown for your chosen theme.
Art deco inspired Black Swan Dress by nataya
If you still insist on more natural colors such as beige or cream and you want to celebrate a wedding modeled after jazz or art deco, you may love the Great Gatsby Dress in Ivory. This dress is great for your beloved style and chosen line. The model is still in stock, and it will soon be available in all sizes.
Great Gatsby Dress in Ivory white
Finally, returning to the most famous style by Nataya, the Titanic Dress is still available in most sizes. The model is great for retro parties styled after Old Hollywood or silent films, retro-style weddings, or apparel for mothers of bride and mothers of the groom.
vintage style dress by Nataya in black
We hope you will find you best apparel and ideas for the coming summer occasions. And keep your eyes open, as we will probably have several new styles by Nataya just for you!

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