The Ten Best Nataya Dresses to Wear to a Matinee

by Karen

The theatrical classics have always implied a perfect style, finely molded silhouettes and classic saturated colors.
Silhouettes and classic saturated dress colors
Some dresses from Nataya’s line are great for summer daylight occasions, and some are more versatile. There are also several perfect silhouettes by Nataya for theatrical occasions and evening events. So, if you do not want to look like a Christmas tree full of gold and silver but insist on looking radiant even in darker surroundings, you may want to choose one of the following silhouettes by Nataya. The classic Titanic Gown in black may emphasize the upper parts of your body, having hidden the lower ones. The white embroidery emphasizes the official style of the dress, and it will look really gorgeous without any distracting sparkle elements. You may catch all eyes even during the fashion runway matinee.
vintage style dresses to wear to theater in black
The Nataya Vintage Dress from the new Spring 2012 Collection looks really radiant thanks to its turquoise application. If you have a very narrow chest, you may want to wear this dress because it makes such types of silhouettes appear more proportional. The color and its application will make you look like a true fashion and theater critic.
Nataya Vintage Dress from the new Spring 2012
Nataya Vintage Separates also look gorgeous and classic because of the black-and-white tricks. The monochrome combinations have always emphasized the overall silhouette without using such sparkle elements as sequins, rhinestones and beads. So, if you want not to “produce” unnecessary shine but hope to shine yourself, you cannot do without this vintage-style apparel by Nataya.
Nataya Vintage in black
The Nataya Titanic Jacket in black plus black palazzos will turn you into an androgynous-appearing Old Hollywood star. You will be able to wear many different hairstyles with this jacket because it really makes you feel and look slimmer. Thus, you should not worry about feeling any discomfort regarding your figure flaws when you wear the jacket.
Nataya Titanic Jacket in black plus black palazzos
The black Empire Dress in short length may be a wise choice if you have planned to go somewhere else after the theatrical performance. It can be easily transformed from a classic glam gown into a dancing-style dress for dancing parties. This dress is a true godsend for those who are mad about long-lasting evenings and very active nights.
Black Empire Dress in short length
The vintage-style Artisan Dress is another splendid idea if you do not know where to go at all. With this dress, you may easily change your plans and not visit any matinees at all if you prefer the premier nighttime showing of some movies. You may even feel like a Hollywood star on a red carpet when you wear this dress. This vintage dress for evening occasions definitely goes with any style of shoes and any trend or affair.
Vintage-style Artisan Dress
Do you want to look more than just noticeable? Do you love opera and ballet? Then you should not pass over the following 1920s-style model. It looks really dramatic and recalls the opera and its associated apparel. You can wear nearly any style of gloves as a pair with this dress: opera, mini and midi. This dress makes an impression on people of the lost era of romance, and it gives the flair of the true aristocracy. 1920s style model in black Are you impressed with informal theatrical performances and bizarre matinees? The spirit of the Boho-Style Dress may express you theatrical tastes. Others’ tastes may differ, but if you are faithful to your spirit of freedom, you cannot do without the following gown in saturated purple.
Boho style theatrical gown
The Ballerina Gown in black is fitting for both theatrical performances and homemade staging. So, if you prefer watching and feeling romantic, you may love the vintage-style Ballerina Gown by Nataya. Please do not forget that the darker style of dress is more fitting for such occasions.
Ballerina Gown in black
Of course, if the matinee is in the dancing style, which means you will go out dancing afterwards, you can get ready to dance all night or watch others dance away when you wear Nataya’s bestseller — the vintage-style Tango Dress in lace. This dress doesn’t restrict any movement. So, even if applauding is all you will do in the evening, nothing will prevent from offering this applause.
Nataya’s best seller
We hope the listed models will suit your tastes, but you will probably discover many other suitable styles by Nataya in the catalogue. Whatever you choose to wear, however, be gorgeous!

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